View Full Version : 1123pmEST. 25TLcom room going up. cya there

21st Jan 2006, 04:26
Yea, lets kill eachother a bit, lol cya guys online

if you don't see it, try SEARCH under WAR mode

21st Jan 2006, 04:54
Guys i can't hold a host right now. sorry. maybe tomm we can hook up a room. Right now few of the guys are heading over. We Need a "fix" So Were GOING LAN !!!!!!!!!!!! GOING RUN 7 PS2S. GONA LET THE WIFE PLAY TO. :eek: :) :rolleyes: :) :thumbsup:
peace out, cya tomm.

p.s. we about 50% thought the match/challenge setup over in 25tl.com ladder. Will be just like the in game hosting, Were thinking which settings to allow. All Can be enabled on from the adimn ladders aprt, but were trying to keep the matchs simple.
Speak up, let us know what your thinking.