View Full Version : The Reason For Disconnections On The Playstation and probably other systems!

20th Jan 2006, 22:34
The guy who posted the sticky is sort of right, the router being the reason is not true but the playing it at NIGHT is true... thats right the router means nothing. I played during the day and got booted 90% of the time, i played last night around 1am and played like 10 games straight no problems. Then i got up early and played early and played like 7 straight got booted once came back on and got booted 1000 times. The reason is not your router it is the servers, to many people on the game = lots of disconnections. This brings me to this point: How do you make a game that goes online that can only hold less then 2000 people on at a time? I mean you would expect a company to allow as many people as possible.

I hope they fix this issue, until they do i guess you can always wait till around 11pm or real early in the morning to play... What a waste of a great online game.

20th Jan 2006, 22:47
what makes it worse the game got delayed so many times you think they would have fixed the bugs or at least tested it more.

lets hope a fix is in soon.

20th Jan 2006, 23:01
yea i hope they fix the server issue. i play in the est. daytime. And it runs smooth. :thumbsup: