View Full Version : lets all calm down

20th Jan 2006, 15:52
i think theres enough threads and posts that eidos knows theres problems with the servers. the same thing happened with snowblind and they eventually got around to fixing it.

lets give them some time and hope they fix the issues or at least give us a timetable of when we can expect something.

i think our frustration is also compounded with the fact that the game got delayed so many times you think they would have ironed out all the bugs.

lets just give them some time and hope a fix is coming. lets all just take a deep breath and relax.

20th Jan 2006, 16:29
no obviously not,because rather than get down to the problem with the servers and fix it,they blamed it on routers.well i have my modem going straight to my ps2.so my problem has nothing to do with there explanation.so thats why we continue with the posts.wel not me.i havent made a thread about it because i know this happens with new games online but the errors that happen are weird like failed to join session,or failed to request participation.so thats why i've posted( once) about the problem.but they'll fix it with a couple of patches or one strong one.
i hope they put a lobby or something where you can see all of the rooms.because right now i'll go to find match and put any,and any and only like 20 matches come up.but then i go to clan and my clan is in a room that isnt even listed.so i think they should work on a lobby or like a full list of matches.then something that stops the game freezing at every loading screen,well most of them.

PS. lowering the disconnection rate,because yesterday i counted i got disconnected every half an hour.