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20th Jan 2006, 03:35
You guys need to understand about 90% of us came from socom if not more and if server is crappy we will tell our friends same thing and they wont get it unless server is good so if u guys ever wanna get this game big you would try to fix it instead of given us a link to mattd thread which is useless cause it doesnt help 1 bit the servers are to small you guys need spend some time and money on the server to make them top quality if u havnt noticed socom 3 has up to 50k on at 1 time with no boots 25tl gets about 600 and its BOOT all over thats terrible so dont post that link of mattd cause it wont work all i want to know if there is gonna be a patch and are you guys worken on the server problem or you just gonna leave so i know if i should turn it in to ebgames or not thanks :)

20th Jan 2006, 04:13
You said it perfectly...I have three choices for online play right now....socom3...battlefield2 (pc)...or 25 to life.

I would like to play 25 to life but I can't because of the servers and no solutions coming from eidos except for links to approved routers...stop assuming we're idiots eidos...we can read, we get it...you want us to check the faq first...most of us have done everything you ask of us...are you doing everything we ask of you???

20th Jan 2006, 04:20
Fix It This Game Is Bigger Than Socom But You Guys Need To Make It Better Online By Fixing This Gay Ass Server. Great Game, Great Online Play, Horrid, Terrible, And Worst Online Server I Have Ever Played On. If You Want To Keep Your Customers Than This Is The Biggest Issue You Need To Solve And I Suggest You Do It Soon.

20th Jan 2006, 05:14
yep in my book they got till next wednesday to fix or @ least say they are going to if it's still our routers see ya and not ever being part of eidos

20th Jan 2006, 06:25
I agree with stealth...fix it you lose me as a future customer...period. I don't care what you release in the future..i've been burned twice by EIDOS...first was TOTAL OVERDOSE (of bad programming) and now this 25 to Life (the sentence i'm 'bout to put on Eidos) for not correcting their servers...(what did you have a beta for?)

If I do connect to the server, I get disconnected when trying to join a game....every f'n time since my last game, which BTW was more than 5 hours ago. And before that I got to play a whole 2 1/2 rounds before I was disconnected. And that's all I've been able to play since I spent the money for this game...2 1/2 rounds...WTF???

Imagine what Tomb Raider is gonna be like...see a pattern?

20th Jan 2006, 15:11
maybe a switch from their current C64/Apple IIc servers to pentiums would help???

21st Jan 2006, 06:43
I'm a socom series big fan and I consider 25 to life as good if not better than. only if they could fix this bunch of b.s. that came with it.Like the sessions failures and actually the whole server..We love the online gameplay, but to play for 5 minutes you have to try for an hour or more just to find a session that doesn't fail.