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19th Jan 2006, 19:59
People are saying it sucks, but people are saying you'll get used to it. I HATE SOCOM and i want something new to play online... people are also saying u can use mics? or can you???

What do i do??? Do i buy it or not, i want a yes or no.

19th Jan 2006, 20:02
heres a review i wrote for another site:

if your ever thought to yourself man I wish socom was not as complicated, not as stealthy or a bit faster. Then look no further. In fact the best way to describe this game is socom: the arcade version. In fact you can say instead of terrorist you have criminals and instead seals you have the cops.

Heres some standard options:

players: 16

headset: yes in lobby and in game

keyboard: yes in game and in lobby

lan: yes

buddy list: yes

stats: yes

Game modes:

War: your basic tdm

Robbery: criminals try and take the loot to specific points on the map, this is basically a tdm with a bit more strategy involved.

Raid: this is the same as robbery only the cops try and take evidence to specific points.

Tag- this is cnh but instead of an area you tag a point to take control of it.

Now you might say those are nothing new not really any new modes, and in fact youre right, but what sets this game apart and really makes the game stand out is the customization. In fact it’s the customization that makes this game stand apart from other games.

All those game modes can be customized to however you want. Example you can set spawns to off or on set a limit on spawns, set any amount of time or no time, set kill limit or no kill limit, set any amount of rounds you want, set if you want to switch teams between rounds or not. Team damage off or not. As host you have total control of the settings and maps( which there are 16 maps) you can also set the server to public or private for clan matches.

More customization

you can customize youre character to however you want him to look in fact I highly recommend you do this as soon as soon as you get online the default characters are very lame.
The amount of stuff you can change youre character is amazing and im sure theres more if you unlock stuff in single player, but the stuff they give you right away is amazing. This is actually a very cool feature and very well done.
You can also customize a tag which you paint in game for all to see. You get 5 letters and can customize the colors and outlined and make it look very sweet. You can spray this tag in game as many times as you want, this is something that was done in tonyhawk but it is more fleshed out here and more clear and visible.


You chose youre weapons before the match starts, theres a variety of them as well, criminals and cops each have different guns and grenades and mele weapons. You cannot switch guns between rounds but you can pick up a loadout of any dead player. The weapons are nice and balanced and offer lots of variety. You also get, grenades, molotovs, tear gas, pipe bombs, and some other hand thrown goodies. And some very cool mele weapons.

Controls and gameplay

The controls are tight and easy to use and very responsive, you get 4 different control setting if you don’t like the default, the game play is standard and easy to get handle of and yes you can jump crouch and lean and all those goodies.

Graphics, sound and levels

Graphics are not bad in fact I say their pretty good nice and crisp and everything is seen very well. Nothing earth shattering but not bad at all. The sound depends on youre taste, the music is heavy rap. The in game sounds are not bad about what you would expect lots of cursing. In fact youre character gets an in game taunt and It usually involves some sort of f word or mf being said. The levels are nice and varied some big and some small, and many of them you can go inside buildings or climb up to the roof and so on.

Other tidbits

There are npc in game which you can take hostage and use for cover, this is I guess some of the controversy that the game was taking but its really not that big of a deal it is a useful tool but most people just end up killing them anyway. Theres is full clan support for this game not only online in game but online on youre pc, http://stats.25tolife.com/platform/?plfm=PS2 the stat page has a ton of info and is amazingly up to date, you can literary finish a round and it will be updated on the stat page, the page also tells you if youre buddies are online and you can send messages to youre clan and a bunch of other little goodies.

Personal thoughts and opinion

i never really like the socom series I just thought it was a bit too complicated and stealthy. This is much more run and gun and just have fun kind of game. The tag mode is probly the best game to use some strategy. I personally enjoy the game its just fun going around shooting and using the weapons, the customization really makes the game cooler than it should be seeing everyones character is neat and seing some people spraying their tags over each other is definitely amuzing. I can definitely see how clan matches could be extremely fun.

Now some negative stuff.
The one thing that will keep this game from being huge is the same thing many online ps2 games have a problem with, and its ofcourse the servers. And yes there already problems. i have a very good conection and I discnt a bunch of times many people are having similar problems, eidos tech support has issued a statement it can be found here: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=55710 their basically saying to not use a router and it will work fine, I can verify this but lets hope that they can somehow fix this issue. I honestly don’t think they expected that many people online, there was over 1000 people online in the first day that’s an unbelievable number for a release day.

Im hoping they fix the servers and keep them fresh now eidos is good about listening and putting out patches so there is hope. I did not experience much lag in the games I did play and voice chat was very good. So its just about keeping the servers up.

Rent or buy?

Its really youre preference, be warned lots of run and gunning involved. I bought the game and do not regret it. Its very fun and addicting and the many options and customizations are awesome. Now if the servers are not fixed and the online is not maintained then the game will be lost, its all about online, the single player is not much there only reason to play is to unlock stuff for online play.

19th Jan 2006, 20:10
god bless you. Im gunna buy it now. ty so much, cause like u i dont care if its run and gun... i like that, socom ask to much of a person...

19th Jan 2006, 20:18
god bless you. Im gunna buy it now. ty so much, cause like u i dont care if its run and gun... i like that, socom ask to much of a person...

lol, ok but if you dont like it dont blame me, also remember if you read around the forums now, their having major online issues. lets hope they fix them cuz the game is fun.