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19th Jan 2006, 01:19
Well... I am playing Hitman 2, just fine... then... the screen turns black and the windows is back in my screen... no error messages... I enter the main folder... I find Error.log... it's write:

Exception intercepted on: Wed Jan 18 23:14:43 2006
Exception Record (0x13f248):
Flags : 0x0 (Continuable Exception)
Addr : 0x331f1b (EAX.DLL)
Info :
: 0x0
: 0x0
Parent: 0x0 (End-of-nesting)

Processor Record:
Context Flags: 0x1003f

Integer registers
Eax : 0x0
Ebx : 0xe76c01
Ecx : 0x0
Edx : 0xbc1f40
Esi : 0x0
Edi : 0xbc36f0

Control registers
Ebp : 0x0
Eip : 0x331f1b (EAX.DLL)
Esp : 0x13f530
EFlags : 0x10246
SegCs : 0x1b
SegSs : 0x23

SegGs : 0x0
SegFs : 0x3b
SegEs : 0x23
SegDs : 0x23

Debug registers
Dr0 : 0x0
Dr1 : 0x0
Dr2 : 0x0
Dr3 : 0x0
Dr6 : 0x0
Dr6 : 0x0

Float registers
Control : 0xffff007f
Status : 0xffff0000
Tag : 0xffffffff
ErrorOffset : 0x33b882
ErrorSelector: 0x5d8001b
DataOffset : 0x13f2d4
DataSelector : 0xffff0023

I try to enter the game again... impossible... I restart the computer... the game starts to work fine again. But this error happens really often... what could it be?

5th May 2006, 12:15
What are your PC's specs? If you have a dual-core CPU, most Eidos games work better if you disable hyperthreading.