View Full Version : General to Field Marshall ?

18th Jan 2006, 17:16
Is it possible?I've been playing this game for about two monthes now and have yet have a general promoted.The only time I get Field Marshals is by doing the 100000 sons of ST.Louis Quest.The game sort of implies that it can happen.

18th Jan 2006, 20:11
hey Stonerkrieg,

I know what you mean, it is tough to get Marshals but it can be done. I've had a few campaign games where Marshals are created (usually late on in the game). Just keep playing and maybe you will get some too. Good luck dude.

General Skobby
22nd Jan 2006, 13:03
hey people my bro is round 1804-1805 for france on easy and he's copnquered prussia and bonapart is a field marshal

23rd Jan 2006, 00:46
Well whichever power you play on whatever difficulty level the only way to do the job is to deploy one General in a lot of battles, that way his experience increases more rapidly.

Of course you should make sure that whichever General you are working on has a lot of tough units at his command so he doesn't get squished along the way.

edit: better yet - when you go to the battle itself identify one unit under your featured General and don't send them into battle at all, hold them back in deep reserve. Then if the battle turns into a hairy furball you can (almost) always retreat and extract him without losing him altogether.

9th Mar 2006, 19:17
i just got one

and i have two close to it:thumbsup: