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18th Jan 2006, 00:51
I'm 5mins from the game shop and 1hr from buying it BUT ive read on a couple of sites that its not all that, the gameplay etc. Well i thought the demo was goodish!

Since looking at screenshots on game site i see a level where there is a castle. Is this a seige level, ladders etc? Or is there a wide open door to walk through?


18th Jan 2006, 01:37
There is a brige that leads into the castle, then you have to fight your way either round the back entrance or try to enter one of the two front entrances. No ladders here, or archers for that matter :p

18th Jan 2006, 15:45
but u can destroy the main castle walls by the cannons, and then u ve more 'open doors' there for getting in.

18th Jan 2006, 15:48
hi graham,
yeah I'm afraid officerpuppy is right, no siege as such, simply combat with buildings featured on the map. In fact there are no sieges on any map, but you do get the chance to fight for a variety of cities. It is interesting to play the city maps all the same though, even without a siege in the way you mean it.

The demo does give you a very accurate idea of gameplay (obviously limited by the available maps in the demo) and I would heartily recommend you get the full game, plus install the update patch which makes a big difference in terms of gameplay.
hth dude.

General Skobby
19th Jan 2006, 19:38

If units sit in buoldings/forests they dont seem to fire as much as if they were on normal land.