View Full Version : No Strategy game anymore? :(

17th Jan 2006, 14:57
This is a first person shooter now :( you cant kill enemy's easily ? make traps like part 2 with soundthingie of greenbarret ? :eek: :mad:

17th Jan 2006, 15:21
There will be some action but there will still be plenty of stealth :)

18th Jan 2006, 22:38
Surely plenty of stealth around in CSF. There will be specific missions where you are demanded to remain undetected. So... setting traps would be the key in moving on... of course not with the radio of the old GB.


30th Jan 2006, 20:31
Hi im new here,
loved the earlier versions of commandos and liked the concept of making this one into a first person shooter. IMO if they get the gameplay originality right this will be one of the greats :) With a mix of stealth (implemented in the right way of course) and realism. but, just as i dreaded there a few things that annoy me. Firstly the ammount of run and gun gameplay ive seen in the videos. Now, theres nothing wrong with a bit of that, its just the fact that its taking on the superman approach :mad:. In one of the vids, I saw the player weilding AN MG42, now cmon! thats just stoopid.. superdood all the way. Later in the video- he seems to be dual weilding thompson sub machine guns! Also the fact that he has a health bar, they couldve taken a different approach to every other game by making the player more wary of the enemy and wanting to survive- take outthe bar.
I had a feeling that this would happen and dreaded it! :mad:

there will still be plenty of stealth
yea with the usual soldiers oblivious to an exploding tank in the background, that pic is priceless! the commando is actually sneaking too! :D :thumbsup:

I AM NOT A HATER OF THE GAME, im just suggesting what i think could be changed for the sake of originality (th game not being the same as all others) Less of the hee man approach eh? I used to love having to stealthily kill the enemy and hide their bodies so there mates didnt find them, that was when you actually cared about the safety of your men. If 1 alarm went off...chances are your commandos would be wiped out. By the looks of SF, that will not be the case... just mindless killing. Whats the point in using your head to set a bear trap for 1 enemy when you can wipe out a squad with your dual weilding thompsons :D

30th Jan 2006, 20:58
Also the fact that he has a health bar, they couldve taken a different approach to every other game by making the player more wary of the enemy and wanting to survive- take outthe bar.

I like that idea, although I think they shouldn't take it out. I hope it can be disabled somehow though because yeah, it will make you think even more than twice before making a killing. Even with the health bar the game is already very challenging though (read my hands-on preview here (http://www.commandosfansite.com/content/index.php?fetch=sf_gme2_p1.php).)

Here's a snippet:

From the first moment, my fear that you couldn’t have the strategy from the original games in a FPS was proven wrong. I feel ashamed to say that it took me like 5 minutes to kill one enemy guard and get to a better hiding place, not even 10 meters away from my starting position…

The thing which I had problems with was staying undetected. Most of the times I didn’t even notice myself and enemy soldier got suspicious, but had to hear that from Souto many times (let me quote: WATCH OUT!! GET OUT OF THERE!! HURRY!! NOOO DON’T DO THAT!! THAT GUY SPOTTED YOU!! And each time I had this humiliated feeling when he started laughing when I died. C’mon, where’s the British humour in that!? ;)

Still, the first thing I plan to do is disable the crosshair and (thanks to you) the health bar as well. Then, launch the game and play on the highest difficulty level. I think I'm in for a nightmare. http://www.tafn.info/TAFN/forums/images/smiles/bored.gif