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16th Jan 2006, 21:59
i'm not very computer literate and i was wondering how to change unit costs and upkeep (especially), i've looked in the IG folder and can only see video and audio which are obviously the wrong place

can some one help


1st Feb 2006, 13:15
Have a look at I.G.\Game\GameModes\Gestion\Balanceo open that file and find the country you´re interested in. Then, at BARCOS and TROPAS (or BATALLONES, can´t remember) reduce the value 1.0 (or the value stated) to a lower one. (approach it to a minimum of 0.01 for a minimum cost of sheeps and troops). If I´m right, reducing the 5 fields of a country, you will get easily the technologies, primary materials, etc. In fact, for my new mod I´ve applied this "cheet" to upgrade some Empires more than others, to put them into a different level, but it deppends on eachone´s oppinion.
Enjoy it... :thumbsup: