View Full Version : One way to play and get through fog

15th Jan 2006, 08:09
Like most.. i have the problem with the FOG after level 2. I downloaded a trainer for the game and played through the fog with god mode. the fog continued through level 3 and 4. after using the trainer to get through those 2 levels, it cleared up for level 5, and now i dont need the trainer! it is a pain because u cant really see, but by using the compass i was able to find my way. i have a radeon 9000 / 128 mg with newest drivers. hope this will help some of u to at least be able to play most of the game. after the fog, it seems like it will be worth the trouble, besides ... cant take it back since it has been opened, and local EB Games store stopped trading PC games. don't know how long the fog free levels will last. have only played a few more, but i have hope!

Special Weapons Weenie
2nd Feb 2006, 14:46

Where did you get the trainer? I just kept playing over and over and over using duck and cover to get to the next check point. I got through the foggy levels and after that the game turned out to be pretty fun.
The developer should have put in a "save anywhere" function to make the game _more_fun_.
Anyhow, please tell me where you got the trainer--I'd like to try out the foggy levels again using it. Thanks :)