View Full Version : graphics card saga

13th Jan 2006, 08:22
I feel that i am on the home straight with this but have one more hurdle. The history is that I had the Geforce MX MX 400 card which was not compatible - I updated to the Geforce 6200 which is compatible with this game. However I could not leave Dexter's Diner by any door without the game crashing. following various threads, I realised that there is a glitch with this card and the latest drivers and I must cownload the forceware 71.89 driver as the last one that is compatible. i did this but my computer would not recognise it. I believe that is to do with the .inf file so I copied a later file across (from the 81.89 driver) and the driver loaded and works, except with the lego game. i can now leave Dexter's diner and start to play the game but the problem is that the game now freezes every minute or so for around 30 seconds. First the video freezes and then the sound and then it unfreezes (quicker if I press escape).

Can you please help me with this problem - i have loaded and unloaded the drivers and game many times with no change. Is it the .inf file? I have not managed to find anyone else who has this final problem, most of them seem to work after they load 71.89 driver. Is there a way of loading this driver without changing the .inf file when it is not recognised or am I barking up the wrong tree.

my son is no longer speaking to me!