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12th Jan 2006, 21:09
this question is for mods or eidos someone who would know - i saw lots of posts about other people's ladders and fan sites, but is eidos.com goign to have one for this game? will there be leaderboards and stats tracked on the website? like what i'm asking is if i can get ranked as a cop or gangster and see my stats listed someplace? and what is that website going to be thanks

13th Jan 2006, 00:58
I think they are just not posted on the site yet. I see there is a "stats" part on the site but it does not have a link to anywhere yet.

13th Jan 2006, 01:01
yes there is.No info provided for any of them. Wait until the game comes out. They'll most likely be up then.

16th Jan 2006, 18:13
I read an interview with Eidos Producer Sam Newman and he revealed it will be here:


Read the whole interview here:

17th Jan 2006, 06:39
Thank man for that :cool: