View Full Version : if you only have a pent. 3 you should know a few things about this game

col.jackson c.s.a.
11th Jan 2006, 04:33
i have been playing this game for some time now , but there is not too much i don't know about the game if you only have pent.3 and 1 gig of ram! just e-mail me any questions you might have and i'll try and answer them! i have conquered the whole map 3 and going 4 times! i've also just finally figured out the rosetta stone quest! i have found most of the cheats on this game! so for questions about the game just e-mail me at rckthegunny@yahoo.com

11th Jan 2006, 05:21
Col Jackson,

I am upset that you have taken the easier route, when I desperately need you here on the front lines. Do not just sit there like a "stonewall", assemble your men immediately and make haste back to Manassas. The fighting is fierce and I cannot win this battle without one of my greatest officers. If you do not arrive soon, I fear all will be lost, and our flanks will crumble at Sudley road. God willing, we will send the yankees sprawling across the Virginia border upon your timely arrival, and march on Washington.


Gen. Robert E. Lee