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17th/21st Lancers
9th Jan 2006, 09:47
Hi All

What are the main differences between government types? I am a new player and would appreciate any advice.

9th Jan 2006, 20:03
Democracy means more money and better negotiation stuff.

I always use Autocracy and Absolute Monarchy so I can build a larger army and build field hospitals so I can restore "damaged" units.

9th Jan 2006, 23:33
With a republic and dicatorship you cant marry. I think republics lets you build Unions and banks which increase your rate of produceing raw materials and the banks let you fall into debt. But neither let you build field hosipitals so inorder to heal units, you have to merge them with other wounded units of the same type. Dicatorships let you build police stations which let you annex countries you have taken over 30% faster.

For the monarchies, you can marry with other monarchies. You can build field hosipitals and I think one of them lets you build police stations and special schools that boost your research points.

10th Jan 2006, 00:16
Good info dudes, n1.
For my money the most important feature is to select Autocracy for those Field Hospitals. The rest of the features are window dressing IMHO and don't do you nearly as much good as those hospitals. By the time you get to the best features of Monarchies and suchlike it's well late in the game and not as much fun to use so I'd just stick with that if I were you.

17th/21st Lancers
11th Jan 2006, 08:53
Thanks for all the help!!