View Full Version : Distractions.

7th Jan 2006, 01:52
The demons have won round one.

Itn is after this fact that Ireceived my mission to survive the weekend.

Keeep in mind that round one has resulted in thw loss of using my right hand. it might be broken, I'm still debating if I can afford medical attention.

The uneasy truce has been broken for maybe twelve hours... I might be generous in my estimate. I've already consumed twice this night's allotment of vodka.

I fear the loss of the next round might result in a concussion.

I need distractions to stave off the demons. I have forgotten how to keep them at bay.

If I survive the weekend but the war continue, I might decide to lose. You might not lose me, but I don't know what tthat means.

7th Jan 2006, 05:48
I think of pirates when i wanted distracted. It's fun to talk like them.

7th Jan 2006, 06:14
Try covering your floor with salt, your walls with tin foil, and your ceiling with silly string while reading a 3 month old TV guide outloud backwards.

If it doesn't dispel the demons, it'll at least distract you for a few hours a few hours.