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General Skobby
6th Jan 2006, 14:06
Has anyone got any good tactics for units or maps?

For example:

1) If you have any cavalry in early stages then just send it against about 3-4 of any early foot unotis and it will take them out.

2) In Danemark just capture the nearest pass and when they get close to it then just send cav. round the back through the second pass to slaughter any light rifle units + arty.

6th Jan 2006, 19:59
One thing that works a lot of the time is to only have armies with half Light Infantry (for musket range and speed) and half Lancer Cavalry (good against Cavalry and squares) with 2 or 3 foot Howitzer Artillery batteries thrown in. Ideally 1 or 2 units of Militia can be used very well here too if you have enough room to bring so many units.
I fairly much ignore buildings and just head for high ground as this slows the enemy assault a tad. If there's rough ground or somesuch to cover a flank all the better.

Set your Artillery in a defensive line with your Light Infantry just behind them in column (if the enemy also has Artillery keep your Infantry behind your Artillery as long as you dare) and send your Lancers around the enemy flank in a wide arc - well out of range of the enemy so they don't wheel round to face them.

The enemy will most likely try to pound your Infantry with their cannon and send their Infantry up the middle in column and then later in line, though some of the Infantry may try to bayonet charge you (whatever difficulty setting you are on they more or less do this anyway).

When their Infantry is well forward and being pounded by your Artillery you can send your Lancers in to maul their Artillery behind them - the enemy tends not to leave much behind to cover their Artillery so this is fairly easy as a rule.

Meanwhile their Infantry will have nearly reached musket range of your guns so send your Infantry forward at the run to just in front of your own Artillery and set them to square formation (a line of squares if you will) and your howitzers will fire over them to hit the enemy Infantry. Your Infantry take a thump or two from enemy Infantry firing in line, but should hold long enough for your Cavalry to finish the enemy Artillery (and any few enemy defenders left behind) then gallop soundly into the rear of the enemy Infantry lines. This is the best bit :) If you could see the whites of their eyes I reckon you would at this point.

If you have a Militia unit leave it just behind your Artillery in case anything gets through or around your Light Infantry so you have something to charge them and block their route to your Artillery, which is their usual target.

If the enemy has much Cavalry or Militia to speak of they usually send it up against your Artillery and Infantry (hence the square formation) and they don't last long. If there's any enemy Cavalry left use your own Cavalry to mop up the pieces, there should be plenty left still to do this job.

So by now the enemy should have no Artillery, no Cavalry and precious little Infantry (most of which is mauled or in retreat) and you should have at least some of your Artillery, most of your Cavalry and some useful Infantry left. The rest is easy, just let them select their own targets and they'll do the work for you, just send a few units into the fray if they get lazy and just stand around.

I've played every Empire in all difiiculty settings and this tactic pretty well works 80% of the time. The big glitch is when the enemy holds back and defends its guns .. then you have problems coz you've split your forces up and spread yourself too thin ;) Still fun to work out a solution from there though.

I don't use this tactic a lot of the time any more as there are more interesting ways to kill bad guys, but give it a whirl yourself, see how it pans out.

cheers dudes,

General Skobby
9th Jan 2006, 15:58
isn't it a bit easier if you instead of militia in later stages send grenadiers?

10th Jan 2006, 00:01
isn't it a bit easier if you instead of militia in later stages send grenadiers?
Sure dude, it's all a matter of degrees. I just use militia throughout the game as 'blockers' coz they're cheap and you can build and replace them anywhere you have an academy. They're pretty good value as melee units whatever era / tech level you're in.

12th Jan 2006, 03:06
One thing I did was wait intill most of the countries take over small lands, and then you could buy them for a cheap price. What I did was Bought Sweden and then I sent over people for my country, ( England) and the I started from there. Another Hint, Is when you see a army is going to attack a close contry, wait intill they have units on there land. So If it is a big contry like france, And I am Prussia. Other Countrys like Austria went to war with them, Ask for a colation to go to war with them. Mean while, when Austria is taking over land, Some land is wide open with no army in it. It is a fast way to get land. hint- If you are taking a contry over and you wont all there land, take over all the land around it and go to Peace with them. There you have all of there Food and pop and money. Then right after that go to war with them and take there main Country and you get to keep there other land with out just puting a flag there and get no food out of it.

12th Jan 2006, 04:06
Field hospitals are expensive and slow to build so it's tough to place one in each capital you own. One thing that saves a lot of resources is to build a hospital in the middle of your front line territories and use that to heal all the other units around it.

for eg.
If I play as France and take over Helvetica, Hanover, Piedmont and Lombardy I need to build a Field Hospital in Helvetica only. Any damaged units from the other provinces can be click-and-dragged onto an officer in Helvetica, healed, and dragged back in one move. In terms of time and expense it's the same as having 5 hospitals, one in each country.

Units in Batavia, Denmark, Saxony and Papal States can also be healed in Helvetica in the same way, but it just takes one move more to do it.

All in all that tactic would save you over 50,000 gold alone, plus all the raw materials etc.

13th Jan 2006, 00:56
Units in Batavia, Denmark, Saxony and Papal States can also be healed in Helvetica in the same way, but it just takes one move more to do it.

All in all that tactic would save you over 50,000 gold alone, plus all the raw materials etc.
I say, yes you are right, but If you are under attack, and you are no where to be put back together. If you get put back together, you can counter-attack them With your Army and regain your territory back, but if you don't put back together, they come after you again, Well ( you will lose another land and more troops.) I Find it more save to me and the country I control, and not lose your land. :cool: Ok???? :thumbsup:

13th Jan 2006, 03:00
.. but if you don't put back together, they come after you again, Well ( you will lose another land and more troops.)
If I understand you correctly dude I think I have the solution to what you say there:

I didn't mean that you should leave your territories undefended for that extra move - what I would do is gather the damaged units under one commander (or as few as you can spare) and move only them into the next province for healing. With any luck you should have *some* fresh units you can deploy as a stopgap until your freshly healed troops return in the next move. Again you can click and drag units onto commanders if there are slots available in that same move.

If you have no spare units at all and no commanders to deploy then the chances are you would have to leave damaged units in your territory if they are too far away from the Field Hospital, sadly :-/ Then again if you're in such bad shape you might consider withdrawal anyway (?) until you have something worth deploying and take the risk of temporarily losing one territory in the meantime ;) It depends how much you have invested in the place in terms of buildings etc.

As you get more resources it makes sense to build more Field Hospitals of course, but my method does do a lot of the job of healing troops in the meantime ;) Consider how many spare units you could have built with that 50,000 gold and the raw materials :D

General Skobby
18th Jan 2006, 12:16
question: how do you annex a province without a capitol?

18th Jan 2006, 15:55
@General Skobby - I usually prefer to just send forces in and fight for them, but I assume you have a clever and unusual answer to that question? ;)

edit: or do you mean literally 'annex' rather than 'take'?

General Skobby
19th Jan 2006, 19:36
i meant literally control but got that now.
If you capture a territory without a capitol hen you declare peace yiu get that province!

20th Jan 2006, 13:29
I think you can't take provinces, but you can occupy them... To actually take them as your own you have to capture the capital. Also occupying uses an awful lot of resources.

23rd Jan 2006, 00:56
very true colmde, the food requirements are pretty high under those circumstances. Sitting your forces in a non-capital province for any length of time does you little good really, especially when they are real easy to lose back to an invading enemy.

I don't bother trying to capture provinces that don't have capitals anyway, only if they are incidental to the campaign. If you can thrust through to a capital territory and take the whole country then leave any other provinces empty (even if you had to fight for them) so long as you take the country it all works out in the end.

General Skobby
23rd Jan 2006, 17:41
I meant that if for example you want to fight an empire and it is quite useless to take thecapitol coz you cant annex it.

Yu just capture all the territories and nthen call peace on the country and the territory become yours for ever.