View Full Version : Has Thief FM site moved or been deleted?

Keeper Collins
4th Jan 2006, 22:28
I don't know that much about running a website but I noticted that I can't get to Cheap Thief Missions any more or as it's also know www.thiefmissions.com. Did the site moved or get deleted? I hope not becuase that was one of the best spots to download fm's.

4th Jan 2006, 23:57
Same site. Same webmaster. New name. :)

Keeper Collins
5th Jan 2006, 00:18
I'm not sure I understand. That looks like a music site and does'nt look anything like thief. I don't see any fm's or thief stuff.

Keeper Collins
5th Jan 2006, 00:21
Woops. I'm sorry. I did'nt know you put that music link on all your posts. My mistake. :p I thought that was the new site for FM's and got confused. Still, what is the new name of the old site so I can go see it?

5th Jan 2006, 03:44
It is running, but the last update was December 5 because Jason has been on a long and well deserved vacation.

John D.
5th Jan 2006, 12:27
He got out of the cage again! :eek: grabs net