View Full Version : Does anyone else use Stella's?

4th Jan 2006, 11:22
I have since nearly day one with Tomb Raider 1. http://www.tombraiders.net/stella.

Sophia Leigh
4th Jan 2006, 11:44
I've personally used Stella twice, first to find out what to do with Brother Obscura in AOD and second to get the all weapons cheat so I could get unlimited save game chrystals in order to finally beat Willard in the final level of TR3. I always refer people to Stella's site too as do many other of our lovely forum members :)

4th Jan 2006, 19:49
I stopped by mostly back when I was playing everthing before AoD.

4th Jan 2006, 22:57
So, then that site is not good for AOD? As it stands right now I am stuck on a busted scafolding over a dance floor.

4th Jan 2006, 23:42
no, stellas is surberb :D :thumbsup:

Chris Daly
5th Jan 2006, 04:25
So, then that site is not good for AOD? As it stands right now I am stuck on a busted scafolding over a dance floor.

Lara needs to go to the first level on the same side as the bar
she finds a box that has to be moved , she then gets up on it
walks across the scaffolding takes a running jump to the other
side where there is a medipack, a guard appears at this momen
t too so Lara needs to deal with him.

Next trick is to take a running jump on to the moving platform
which can be done by waiting and jumping when its lowest. Lara
then needs to get to the other side of the moving platform - a
standing jump gets her over there. :rolleyes:

She will look a bit distant but she needs to go to her left and
climb around the scaffolding - just keep her climbing around and
up she will then get to the top. Occasionally another guard will
shoot at Lara from the ground floor.

Suggest save here!!.That little platform involves another jump
diagonally to the other side. From here when the moving platform
is at the very top of its travel.- position Lara so she can reverse
flip onto the ledge closest to the wall, she should just make it
there :p .

The objective with this Le Serpent Rouge level is to retrieve
the box for Pierre (entry through the office area )
or Bernard ( garage )whichever you visited earlier, Lara has
to get right round the top of the building to get into the
control room to activate 2 switches that move the broken
light into the spot Lara finds just up the stairs from where
she currently is- so there is a bit of work to do :p
Cheers / Chris :)

star girl
6th Jan 2006, 11:43
I use it all the time! :D

7th Jan 2006, 02:41
I always use Stella's when I am stuck or not sure what to do next. Her's is the best site.

I tried another walkthrough once when Stella's site was down. This guy missed a lot of pickups so I never used him again.

10th Jan 2006, 10:55
i use stella all the time......i wish i had the patience to sit down and do my own walkthroughs........

15th Jan 2006, 20:27
stellas walkthrough are great

17th Jan 2006, 14:41
I have since nearly day one with Tomb Raider 1. http://www.tombraiders.net/stella.

So have I. They're the best :)

20th Jan 2006, 01:26
I've been going to Stella's site for years.
It's the first place I go for TR info.

21st Jan 2006, 22:17
Did you know she spents at least 6 hours per level? Amazing, and they're all free ;)

16th Feb 2006, 02:02
Stella saved my butt when I was stuck in tr4: Revelations. I didn't know about that fake underwater ceiling in what was it called, the Hypostyle Hall? or was it Karnak?

Time to play again... oh well:D

17th Feb 2006, 02:42
One more thing: you know what else I like about Stella? She's got STYLE. Her walkthroughs aren't made up of just simple "powerups here, enemies there" descriptions of the game, they are lovingly composed, earnestly attempting to describe an area and the gameplay. Even if you've played a level through already and don't need any help, you just might want to read through the walkthrough for that level just because of her sometimes funny and/or insightful comments.

Stella also sometimes provides links to information on objects that Lara finds in the course of her travels (like canopic jars). For instance, after her Karnak walkthrough for TR: LR (http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TR4walk/karnak.html) Stella referred readers seeking aditional information on canopic jars and other egyptology related topics to the Theban Mapping Project (http://http://www.kv5.com/) site.

17th Feb 2006, 07:50
I'm sorry Xac, Your last Link does n't work..I think its this one:
I'think it's a good Site indeed for all kind of Egyptian info! :thumbsup: Thnxx
I only use Stella for the Bugs, think the are great :D

20th Feb 2006, 01:10
I used Stellas all the time when I had the option to play tomb raider.

21st Feb 2006, 09:23
I've used Stella's website loads of times, and she came to my rescue when I got a new computer with windows XP, and her website explained how to make the TR games run on XP. I always go there first when I need help.