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4th Jan 2006, 06:35
Thanks to Undertaker from www.tombraiderforums.com for this:

Tomb Raider Legend - Scoring a Next-Generation SoundtrackSpeaker: Troels Folmann (Composer, Crystal Dynamics)

Session Description
Tomb Raider Legend (PS2/PSP/PCXbox/Xbox2) represents one of the most known brands in the game industry. The expectations for the next-generation Tomb Raider game are high and so are the expectations for the games soundtrack. The soundtrack for Tomb Raider Legend consists of over 180+ minutes of feature film music with all main characters having personal themes and signature instruments. All locations and destinations have highly recognizable ambient- and musical settings and implementation of next-gen interactive (true adaptive) music is applied at a new and unprecedented level.

This session describes the making of the Tomb Raider Legend soundtrack, including detailed description of next-gen (true adaptive) audio technologies and many examples of interactive scoring. The audience becomes familiarized with a term known as micro-scoring, which is a compositional methodology developed to cope with the complex demands of next-generation game music.

Idea Takeaway
Tomb Raider is one of the best-known brands in the gaming industry. The expectations for the next Tomb Raider game are enormous, as a 100+ person team has been working on the game for about 3 years. The session describes the making of the Tomb Raider Legend soundtrack, which aims to define a new era in game composition. The soundtrack holds over 180 minutes of feature film music invoking a variety of custom made audio technologies and a unprecedented level of interactivity. The quality of the music is obtained with the newest audio technologies ranging from large orchestral templates, custom samples, choir technologies and a wide range of electronica resources. The session reveals what can be expected of next-gen soundtracks in terms of interactivity and quality.

Source - http://www.cmpevents.com/GD06/a.asp?...11&SessID=1630

4th Jan 2006, 18:22
so who's going? ;p

4th Jan 2006, 18:45
Are you?

I wish I could. :rolleyes: