View Full Version : Hanging at start of Ep. II Chapter 3

3rd Jan 2006, 05:20
When I try and start Episode II Chapter II in free play mode, the game hangs upo while the intro is scrolling on the screen. The message about the escape button never appears. The game is installed on two PC's and I'm having this issue on both of them. Does anyone have any clues?

1st Jul 2006, 13:03
I am having EXACTLY the same problem. It so irritating!!:mad2:

2nd Jul 2006, 02:34
I tried starting the chapter in "replay story" mode and it worked.. .so I figured the map must be able to load ok.

Then I tried "Freeplay" again, and this time I didn't try to change the character I would start with (I usually play Obi-Wan) and low and behold, it let me start the level in "Freeplay"