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2nd Jan 2006, 20:40
As with pretty much everything in the current media sphere, there seems to be a high American dominance in this game. Since Eidos decided to go for a small amount of expensive, epic games it has seemed to pander to American influence.

Whilst I understand that the nature of the market economy of the USA, coupled with the fact of a large population mostly of a singular language and shared-profile demographic can be very lucrative to what is, in essence, a business such as Eidos, can it not move away from what I described in a previous Hitman deconstruction (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?p=531573#post531573) as xenophobia.

This is not due to the fact that levels are not set in the UK, more towards that 3 locations so far revealed out of 4 are set in the USA (Rocky Mountains, Las Vegas, Mississippi). Whilst setting a level in the USA certainly makes business and gameplay sense - setting four is just overboard in my opinion.

The game itself seems by far advanced of the previous titles in the series, but it seems that Eidos have now neglected the country from which they came - the UK. Although they still have a British influence with characters such as Lara Croft and in more relevant terms, 47 and Diana, does this mean that they have to make up for it? This certainly seems the case in Hitman: Blood Money.

6th Mar 2006, 11:31
I do not agree with you.
If you check out HitmanForum (which is afaik the biggest fansite) and read the old posts about where and what levels they want, i can asure you that the most of the posts there states that we want levels located in US. It is the same with what type of levels.

And to add to that: There have never been a hit outside Europe in the previous Hitman games, and if you wanna go into the story of hitman you could say, that as his reputation grows, more and more people hear about this Flawless hitman and wants to hire him. Maybe someone that have their target in US which wouldnt be so odd imo.
And as USA is one of the worlds leading Economies, theres more money over there and Hitmans kills for money, dont they?

So i can only say that IOI (and not EIDOS) listened and still listens to their fanbase.
+ It all fits nice into the story..

on the other hand, EIDOS only cares about money, and actually give a **** about the fans, as long as the game still sell.
So i doubt that they have had an influence in where the levels should be in such way.

Im pleased with how this game look capable of being, its another question how it turns out though..

Meat King
5th May 2006, 13:36
Terroristen are you a HITMAN fan??? There were hits outside europe.
there were hits in Russia, Japan, Malaysia, and some middle east countries.