View Full Version : Did the Official News forum go POOF?

31st Dec 2005, 15:11
...because I could have sworn there used to be an official news forum here, or at least some sort of forum for official announcements.

Then again I only check back here occasionally in what seems like a vain hope of seeing news of a continuation of the LoK series- particularly with the PS3 on the horizon.

The continuation of the series on PS2 was pretty much what got me to buy the system.

So... the question of questions seems to be:

Will there be another game?

'Cause if there will be, and assuming my delusional imagination didn't dream up the existence of an official news forum here, its dissapearance is... conspicuous.

31st Dec 2005, 15:58
There was an offical forum for news of Defiance but theres no new LoK game to report on so theres no news forum anymore

31st Dec 2005, 18:08
I was more under the impression that it was not Defiance-specific, but had to do with official announcements, fan contests and events as well as new developments.

And yeah, the fact that it's gone seems to suggest there is no official news of any sort planned for the immediate future.

I get the feeling that, at the very least, LoK's been shelved.

31st Dec 2005, 19:31
yeah. I think there was a topic about this. they got rid of the official news thing when the foruim was updated last I think.

That shouldn't leave you to think there won't be another lok title.

The fact the eidos have not even spoken about a failing game series in over 2 years should lead to that assumption.

Even before the release of defiance ppl thought it would be the last installment. There was PLANS for another game but it obviously didn't get past initial planning due to such poor sales from defiance.

also, the sheer lack of funds defiance clearly recieved didn't say a lot for how much life the series had. Not one piece of original music. Not even an opening FMV (for which the previous soul reaver games had recieved no end of praise from).

Umah Bloodomen
1st Jan 2006, 08:58
Each "announcement" area was consolidated in the Eidos Forums Announcements (http://forums.eidosgames.com/forumdisplay.php?f=3) section upon the recent forum reorganization (which transpired a month or so ago). Announcements will now appear there and as global sticky threads around the boards.

If/when new information on a new LOK title becomes available, it will be posted there and appear in the LOK section accordingly.

With that said, please continue this discussion in one of the following threads already established on the subject.

Will there be another LOK? (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=27610)

Who thinks it's about time for an official announcement? (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=50415)

Thanks. :)