View Full Version : What we missed in all the Hitman-Sequels....

30th Dec 2005, 19:16
Everybody I know loved the painskins (bulletholes in bodies) in the first hitman game.
When I shoot the target-person I want to see where exactly I hit him and how good my shot really was.
It also improves the atmosphere of the game.

I think all the fans would agree that painskins would make Hitman: Bloodmoney a much better game....

Why am I writing this ?
Because Hitman: Bloodmoney isn't gold yet and if the developers asked around everybody would say that there should be painskins in the game.

25th Jan 2006, 20:36
There will be bulletholes in the game.


31st Jan 2006, 19:58
wow didn't know that.
it's going to improve the atmosphere big time