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29th Dec 2005, 05:43
The listing of system requirements of this game are ambiguous. Edios has prior knowledge that their product is virtually unusable for a large number of consumers. Yet there is no warning or indication on the packaging that there could be a problem. The attitude of Edios seems to be that it is the consumer is out of luck if he or she not aware of the exact specs of the graphics on their computers. To me this is a simple case of fraud. In good faith, I spent $30.00 to purchase a product for my six year old son. I read the system requirements and there was absolutely no indication that, for all intents and purposes, I was purchasing a product with a known defect.

Tomorrow morning, after I explain to my six year old that the game he as been waiting to play for months does not work, I will be reporting this issue to the Attorney General of my State. I will also notify the Better Business Bureau. My complaint will be added to complaints that have already been filed against Eidos on the bbb.org site. I would encourage anyone that feels the same as I do to do the same. Links to the Attorney General offices in your state can be easily found on line. Don’t let Edios break another six year olds heart!