View Full Version : millenium edition of windows-can it work?

Laurence Harris
27th Dec 2005, 21:48
Hi, First time chatter...I have a very disappointed 8 year old. I bought Lego Star Wars video game - PC for him for Christmas...He really wamted it..and I didn't really check it out to carefully. I have Windows millenium edition of Windows and found out from tech support from company that video game doesnot work with that windows operating system..Does anyone know if I can do anything to make it work with millenium windows?

30th Dec 2005, 13:28
Given all the mayhem that folks are having with Video cards - And given the age of a WinMe box, I'm fairly sure that the OS is the least of your problems.. You likely have 3 issues (Number 3 is somewhat optional, actually - depends on when/where you bought this game)

1) You need win2K or WinXP - WinME isn't going to fly, period/ever. Which your PC may/may not support Xp/2K in terms of HW - The recommeded specs are 1GhZ, and 256RAM - You can probally get away with a slightly slower processor, but the RAM is going to be a pretty hard lower limit - Does you WinME box have that much RAM, or do you need to buy RAM

2) Video Card - You'll need to post some details on your video card (Make/Model/Memory/Driver version) as LSW is fairly picky that it MUST have Pixel Shading 1.1 or above in H/W support on the Video - Given the likely age of a ME box, you probally don't have a Video card that supports this (This is about a 2 year old standard) - You looking at $30-$40 for an AGP upgraded video card to support this (NVidia GeForce FX5200 can be picked up with a rebate for like $35 if you dig around alittle bit).. Even though you haven't gotten this far, this is likely the biggest problem for you - Once your past the OS problem, you can download the LSDemo.exe "demo" for LS from the web site, and if that runs, then your OK in terms of OS and Video

3) Bad disks - A large number of "bad copy protection" disks got "released" into the retail channel, so there is currently a bit of a "rush" for folks to get upgraded disks - There is an 800 number in the FAQ (option 13) to call to "get in que" - I haven't heard of anyone actually getting a new disk just yet, but I'm assuming Eidos is swamped, and between that and the holidays, is just trying to "dig out" from the que of requests - How long that process may take is somewhat an open question at this point...

So.. You have some real obstacles in your path (somewhat like the game itself - Consider this the adult version... :-) - Personally, I'm past steps 1 & 2 and just in que for the "fixed disk" - Assuming I get that, I'm OK, but I'm seriously considering the console version for a GameBoy or Xbox - the PC versions just seems to "picky" in terms of PC requirements (IMHO). Just getting a refund from target for a opened box of SW will be a challenge - but given some of the details in this forum, and the old threat of a class action suit, I'm optimistic that a refund (Hope you saved that receipt!) is a possbile course of action...

Good luck - And may the force be with you...