View Full Version : No Antialiasing ?!

26th Dec 2005, 22:19
It has recently occured to me that Ram's legs were way too jagged , looking around the railings cars fences houses ... heck the whole game is jagged ! So I checked my Nvidia control pannel and it was set to 2* . I was a bit confused , because I've never seen a game so jagged with 2* Antialiasing turned on so I put it to 8* and it fixed NOTHING . :confused:
I have : P4 1Ghz , 384 Ram and an overclocked fx 5200 .

I sure hope this gets fixed , because playing the game while being so jagged is really annoying , I've seen this before in Hitman Contracts where it was the post filter instead of antialiasing . Please help as this lets the game down a lot . If its an issue with the game than it better be fixed in an upcoming patch !
Has anyone else got the same problems ? :cool:

3rd Oct 2006, 03:14
Yep, I have the same issue. Got the control set to FSAA 8s and jaggies all over the place. I thought 8s was supposed to work with all games.