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26th Dec 2005, 21:08
I have got a trailer in quicktime for anyone who has not seen or heard of the movie Serenity...


It was kicked off by a great TV series called Firefly, unfortunately it got prematurely cancelled due to Fox network pulling the plug because of Reality TV shows and moving the show to friday nights where people are out and about most of the time...

The show was too good, in fact, the show started getting a cult following which in turn brought about the movie Serenity! Shows that have been cancelled don't ever get a chance to make it to the big screen...

Not enough ticket sales for the movie sold due to the fact that there was not enough advertisement, and at the moment people would rather watch movies when DVD's hit the shelves, so box office reciepts did not show well... It depends solely on dvd sales now if we will ever get to see this crew fly into another movie or series...

Anyway's if you are thinking of going out and purchasing DVD's, you might want to think about getting Firefly and Serenity together, these dvd's are true gems...

5 star reviews for Firefly series and 4 an a half stars with Serenity on amazon.com should guarantee you a well worth your money buy for these great entertaining jewels!

Amazon.com link:

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27th Dec 2005, 04:22
Yeah, I gave my mom and my sister and brother-in-law the series for Christmas this year. I also picked up the film, and was surprised to see (using freeze frame) that Wash has a joint US/Soviet mission patch (from the film 2010) on his jacket. I recognized it because I have the same patch =).

Gabriel Edson
31st Dec 2005, 01:52
i had actually never even heard of the series, but the trailers i saw for serenity made me want to go see it... and i loved it. one day a month or so later i was talking to a friend about it, and he started talking about "the series."

quote kyle broflovski's mom:

"what what WHAT?!?"

so naturally the thing to do was head out the next day and grab the full series on dvd...

it sucks getting into something that you know is already dead and gone... but i suppose its worse to be into it while its alive and then witness its death.

after a long while maintaining a tight budget, i think i will soon be able to go out and nab serenity on dvd... ill be happy to see it but its still kinda sad.

by the way: http://www.fireflyfans.net/

31st Dec 2005, 02:15
I thought it was kinda funny how when firefly died, it's main characters became big bads on Buffy and Angel.