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Carlo 83
25th Dec 2005, 10:43
Bye, and first merry christmas!!! I have a problem: i have the mods of spain and papal states and i want to put its into the game. But, for example, the "models" or "game" are not in the imperial glory "cartella" (excuse me but i'm italian, and i don't know the word in english) there's only "audio" and "videos". How can i do??? I install the italian version, please help me!!!!

Thank you

9th Jan 2006, 11:34
Salutti Carlo,
You have to unzip the files ".pak" into the Imperial Glory root directory, and once done, you´ll see that many folders will appear, among them the ones you mentioned. Now just copy & paste folders from the mod. To unzip use Win.rar (for instance).
Look forward new mod España 1.02+ with voices in spanish.
Saludazos from España...

16th Jan 2006, 09:50
Ihave unziped them in the rootmap, but these new maps do not appear.

Help please :confused:

16th Jan 2006, 13:02
I've never downloaded and installed a mod either. I'm not too computer literate so would appreciate a step by step walk-through from somebody. :o

16th Jan 2006, 18:46
I'll try to explain.

1) Get WinRar
2) Go to your main IG folder
3) Right click on "Data" file
4) Click "Open"
5) Click "Select a program from the list"
6) Click "OK"
7) Click WinRar
8) Uncheck "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file"
9) Click "OK"
10) Click "Extract to"
11) Click "OK"

Let it all extract out.

12) Right click on "Text" file
13) Click "Open"
14) Click "Select a program from the list"
15) Click "OK"
16) Click WinRar
17) Uncheck "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file"
18) Click "OK"
19) Click "Extract to"
20) Click "OK"

Let it all extract out.
You should now have the following folders in your main IG directory:


21) Rename "data.pak" to "data.pak.bak"
22) Rename "Text.pak" to "text.pak.bak"

Follow the instructions on any mod you download. They will usually involve the Effects folder, Models, Game and sometimes Audio. You do not need to repackage these folders once extracted. Just drag and drop any mod you download, and make sure to make backup copies of your files just in case something goes wrong.

17th Jan 2006, 11:55
Thank you so much officerpuppy, that step-by-step walktrough was great!
It helped a lot.

17th Jan 2006, 19:31
im a bit stuck because when i right click and click open it tries to open it with notepad (which doesnt work) and i cant see winrar in the list.

18th Jan 2006, 17:21
Scouser,you'll have to download winrar.No,I don't remember the site,just run asearch and download the trial version.

19th Jan 2006, 17:36
i've already got winrar but i couldnt get it to work properly (nooby me) but i hav now, but i am finding it very hard to decode from spanish to the gist of it. Do u know if they are going to release an english version?????