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9th Sep 2013, 13:27
Where exactly do I find my ticket status or anything about my ticket, I've logged in and out of this support centre a thousand times and can't find a thing that lets me view it. By what I'm reading it seems that they are having some issues with keeping the support running smoothly but there has to be a way to view it?

Anyone help, I just want to know if its in process or what :D

9th Sep 2013, 18:15

Log in, then file a ticket. otherwise, it won't show up there.

Also, throwing a brick into their main office is more reliable than tickets.

15th Sep 2013, 07:19
Also, throwing a brick into their main office is more reliable than tickets.

Where is their main office? :thumb:

15th Sep 2013, 07:33
So long story short, my account was compromised, but I was lucky enough to regain access before too much damage was done. All of my items and gil are intact. The worst of it is that I'm likely on hundreds of blacklists as I'm told from FC that the individual who hacked my account spammed chat with a website offering their "services".

My issue at this point is I currently have a support ticket pending for Data Recovery. My fear is that in 7 - 10 days, Square is going to wipe my progress from now until then... To my surprise, I was not able to find any way to amend or cancel my support ticket.

Is there any way I can call the data recovery reset off or should I just not play for the next week or so?

18th Sep 2013, 00:14
Is this really not possible? If not cancel, at least edit?

3rd Jan 2014, 16:07
Hi everyone, I sent in a Support Ticket regarding a lost character + valuable items due to an account compromise 2 days ago, and while I received an e-mail today, stating they received the ticket and they were sorry for the delayed response, I can't seem to look up anything they might have replied to it, because there's no link to Ticket History or whatever on the Support page...

Does anyone know how to look up a ticket you sent in, and view responses, etc?

19th Jan 2014, 10:57
I'm having the same problem. I logged in then filed a ticket.

I still can't find my ticket history..

Square is billing me for 5 90-day subscriptions which all ended in error 401. Hence, I did not get anything and I am being billed for it..

13th Jun 2016, 14:07
I am looking for a place to manage my support tickets and close some. Can't find it at this time.