View Full Version : Royal Lancers and Lifeguards

16th Dec 2005, 11:30
Does both the Royal Lancers and Lifeguards exist in the Game? I have got the demo and been on the IG website units. and The Royal Lancers arent mentioned yet they are in the demo and the Lifeguards and mentioned but in the demo

16th Dec 2005, 18:13
They should be in the game. :thumbsup:

17th Dec 2005, 04:02
hello to all you irish

Feisigh do thoin fein

yep they are

6th Jan 2006, 20:08
Are Royal Lancers British? If so, should there be Royal Lancers? I didn't think the British Army had any lancer squadrons in the Napoleonic era (?) not 'til much later in fact - as a tribute to the French lancers they had faced during the conflict. Maybe I misunderstood.