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14th Dec 2005, 17:11
I have been drooling about the work of Muckle and Oxmox more than once. This is me going again. :D

There is one figure they never put into production and I could almost touch it the other day.

We were visiting Eidos in Germany and they have a nice locked glass case and we had a chaperone. :D

That AOD thing in the background is a painted PS2.

Also locked was this nice office. ;)

Do we have other collectors of Tomb Raider items here?

14th Dec 2005, 17:26
I've got numbers 7 and 23 of the 400 Lara at the Movies CDS that were produced :D

14th Dec 2005, 17:29
Wow, excellent. :thumbsup:

Is that a reflection of a thief in glass there with the stripy top :D can't quite see if he's wearing a mask LOL

Back in the UK, there was a shop selling metre sized Lara Crofts, and they look really ugly, and they were asking £120 for them. I think they were made of plaster.
I did start to collect items like these, but one can spend far too much, and I had to stop. But I do have all TR games in all releases....... except for the cheap version of Chronicles.

THE True Lara
14th Dec 2005, 19:29
Excuse me for being dense, but I don't recognise the figure in the top case from any of the games, unless it's from Last Rev...?

14th Dec 2005, 20:18
Do you mean that mummy-creature? It's a little like an Atlantean, and a little like the cat-mummies from TR1Gold......but I don't know exactly where it's from. The Lara looks a lot like one of the lifesize figures, the one that's pointing her gun and smiling...They were probably made at the same time.

14th Dec 2005, 22:45
You saw it ... in the 'flesh'!!!!!!?!!! :O :drool:

What Eidos 'level' do you have to acquire to get into that locked room.... *strokes chin*

:O I see now why you were chaperoned. :D

15th Dec 2005, 02:28
Do you visit Eidos frequently??? :)

15th Dec 2005, 07:09
I see now why you were chaperoned. :D
But how could they know???? :o

Do you visit Eidos frequently??? :)
No, that was the first time. Major fun it was. :D

15th Dec 2005, 17:02
Somehow this reminds me of a mission from Thief 2 called "Casing the joint". I see there is plenty of loot lying around in Eidos Germany. Hmm... :D

15th Dec 2005, 21:59
I've got numbers 7 and 23 of the 400 Lara at the Movies CDS that were produced :D

I thought there were only 300 of them?? Mine is 030. :thumbsup: