View Full Version : how do i restore units?

10th Dec 2005, 16:53
ive got a bunch of very exp units and i want to retrain them. how do i do that?

11th Dec 2005, 12:27
Marshal...first you have to research Surgery after which Military Hospitals

will become available to you. Build one in your capital

and when you return your troops home ( from battle,

lets say) a blue cross will appear over them ( as opposed

to the red when they are outside the home territory).

Right click the particular unit that you want to heal and then click

the restore button.

It tells you how much it will cost you then you decide.

Im not 100 % sure but you have to be an AUTOCRACY to have this

available to you.

Neverless, Its good to have when you need troops fast as opposed

to waiting a couple of turns. Youre paying for them, but theyre imm


You can restore ships too but Ive rambled too much.

Hope you didnt know all this already :)

11th Dec 2005, 19:24
Yeah, you need to chose Autocracy as a form of government to get access to Millitary Hospitals. You then simple need to move the injured unit into a province which contains a Millitary Hospital and the "restore" button becomes avalible in unit details all of the sudden. Millitary Hospitals doesn't have any requirements other than they need to be built in a capital.

General Skobby
23rd Dec 2005, 15:58
so you cant restore units anywhere else than my capitol?

24th Dec 2005, 02:03

You can build a Military Hospital in any of your assimilated

capitals provided those capitals have

a local hospital building and Modern Hospital built. Era one and two


Of course, you have to have the 3rd Era Surgery researched.

General Skobby
24th Dec 2005, 17:49
And how do you heal ships?

25th Dec 2005, 13:15
Its basically the same as healing ground troops

You need to have the upgrade researched that enables

the process. I cant recall the research (something naval?) but I believe its in the 2nd Era.

Same rules apply...you must be within the waters of the territory that has it

(signified by a BLUE cross over the ship).

As c00lizz says: a restore button will appear when you right click on a

damaged ship.