View Full Version : Total Overdose SoundTrack

9th Dec 2005, 05:18
hi everyone, i would like to know all the songs used in TOTAL OVERDOSE, can every one who knows, post the names of the songs to this topic

27th Dec 2005, 22:39
I want them too, but no one is replying for my questions that I send to Eidos!

27th Dec 2005, 23:21
Check the credits screen (choose it from the main menu) or check out www.totaloverdose.com.

28th Dec 2005, 21:51
Check out the Credits in the game ;)

In the Credits are over thirteen songs, but I'm looking for one witch you hear when you are in the menu of the game! Can you help me? :(

5th Jan 2006, 11:20
hi all, the song is: Delinquent Habits - Return of the tres

Its incredible, fantastic :eek:

7th Jan 2006, 22:51
Big thanks, this is it!!! :D