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6th Dec 2005, 03:31
Okay, I have a whole mess of land routes and I understand it, but I cannot seem to get a sea route. I have two ports, one at Venice and one in Eastern Prussia, both Merchant Ports, but I can't figure out how to make a sea route. Can someone show me how to make a sea route, and what I need to make one?
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6th Dec 2005, 05:36
You must have built a port. After you have one, at the bottom left you'll see an icon that looks like a treasure chest I think, it will reveal trade routes etc, click on the provence with the port and build ships, you'll have the ability to build a ship.

Build one, when its built, go back to that commerce screen and just drag and drop it onto a port.

6th Dec 2005, 22:33
Yes, what OfficerPuppy said. Also, after your ship is built
it will appear in the Commercial View screen (the other two screens being the Military and Statistic). Click on it and green rings will appear
around the available ports on the map.
Then drag the ship to the port you chose and as it highlites, it will accept
your ship and the connection will be made. Also the ship will disappear. Hope this helps.

9th Dec 2005, 04:00
Thanks guys. I knew about Commerce View, but didn't even see that Units changed to Ships lol. I'm making gold hand-over-fist now :)