View Full Version : Is there going to be an IG 2?

28th Nov 2005, 21:44
Is there any talk on a second Imperial Glory? Please tell me there is!!! :confused:

29th Nov 2005, 00:10
I hope that there will be a second Imperial glory.

2nd Dec 2005, 15:11
Me too, a sequel with a lot more advertising would kick this baby off! Awesome game!

2nd Dec 2005, 19:18
Well I certainly hope theres an IG2 or expansion pack but I fear that the posting level on the forum here is dropping while the TAFN IG forum is almost dead.Histwar /Les Grognards and the RTW2 Napoleonic mod are getting closer all the time.Im not sure what the community needs :maybe a patch with other units/countries/maps etc or just a new cd/dvd rom to buy but I would be concerned if something doesnt happen soon.Then again maybe everyones happily playing away now that so many great game mods have been released...The patched and modded game is so much better than the out of the box one.Maybe if the proposed 'American' mod comes out it might revitalise the community but I assumed it was many months away...Anyway i hope it all works out for IG.The Histwar game certainly doesnt look as well....

2nd Dec 2005, 19:55
Yep, hope something new comes along :cool:

General Skobby
23rd Dec 2005, 16:08
No no america coz im already on an island i dont wanna get attacked on 2 sides

25th Dec 2005, 04:20
Yeah, this game has so much potential. Unfortunately, there's so much craaaaapppp out there with deep pockets for ads (e.g., EA's BFME II is gonna stink compared to the BFME I and yet they've pumped so much hype and money into it.) It would be a shame if this game dies on the vine.

General Skobby
25th Dec 2005, 16:35
Agree in BFME II you cant even go on walls and otherwise its almost a version of Warcraft III coz the inaccuracies are horrible: Orcs riding on Spiders; honestly !

25th Dec 2005, 17:17
It would be a pity if Commandos yet again stays the only game series of Pyro. Guess we'll have to wait untill E³ 2006 latest to hear final word whether there will be a sequel or not.