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28th Nov 2005, 03:58
You all thought I was crazy when I suggested that the sluagh were once human :D

In Irish folklore, Sluagh were the spirits of dead sinners; sometimes the spirits of pagan ancestors; usually troublesome and destructive. They flew in groups like flocks of birds, coming from the west, and tried to enter a house where someone is dying to take the soul away with them. West-facing windows were sometimes kept closed to keep them out.

Pagan Sinners, sounds like defiers of the wheel to me.
An odd though occurred to me, How does Raziel see?
His eyes are merely a manifestation, just for show.
I think he is simply awear of his surroundings.

Elder God:
Sluagh, the scavengers of the Underworld. Their feral hunger has claimed countless souls - spirits who now shall never find their rest.

Raziel was in the land of the dead when the Elder God told him this.
Which could mean that the sluagh's appearance and behavior are simply a product of Raziel's lack of imagination.
He perhaps simply created what he thought should belong where he was.

Though the sluagh may be more civilized, it's just that Raziel is incapable of perceiving it.
Raziel's perception, especially while in spectral seems subjective.
I mean after facing fated imprisonment, Raziel ascended.
He no longer saw souls as glowing balls of food, they were sentient forms he needed to assimilate to sustain his foul existence.
The sluagh themselves seemed to become more intelligent, cooperating, though more often, cannibalizing each-other, to become more effective enemies.
It's hard to tell what's real and what isn't.
Raziel is the only being that can act on his own accord.
Perhaps, he is fate/god/whatever.
He had created everything out of nothing.

And, he simply was, when he woke up in the abyss.
He dreamed himself up a wretched form, and a ghastly back-story.
All so that he would have motivation, challenge, a reason to exist.

He wanted to expand, he created even deeper origins.
And, as he read the murals, but he was writing them himself.

And now he is consumed into his most admired foe.
He created an antagonist beyond him, so he could ascend to his level.
And now he intends to take on a god.
Well, thats Nosgoth according to my brain.
You can tell me what you think, but I can only perceive what I believe your saying.

28th Nov 2005, 04:17
Yeah, after I played Soul Reaver, I wondered if Sluagh were a referance to something so I looked them up and found pretty much what you found. Though they could have just used the name Sluagh and have the Sluagh beings in the game actually be something else.

30th Nov 2005, 13:45
I kinda figured that the Sluagh were the spirits of Hylden. I suppose heretic works as well as pagan. I could expand my view to including the Sluagh as everyone who ever managed to escape the wheel.

I suppose that all of Nosgoth could be the product of a deranged imagination. (In reality, it's the creation of every writer LOK has ever had.)

However, your thing about Raziel's motivations in a self-created reality suddenly made me understand the potential reasons for the squid's actions. Before, I could only think that the squid was schizophrenic.

Squiddy didn't deny his enemies existence because otherwise he would be bored with his own existence. The Squid allowed/made Raziel as the ultimate threat, something that was actually capable of wiping him out. The Squid helped his enemies in small ways either because of rules that he set himself when he started the little amusement, or simply because he felt his enemies too pathetic to be properly stimulating on their own.

However, the squid gambled too much, and now he stands a good chance of loosing.