View Full Version : Will there ever be another game to finish the series?

27th Nov 2005, 21:47
Yet another open ending at the end of Defiance. The Hylden reappear and the Elder God still lives. Are there any plans to develop the final game(s) for the series?

27th Nov 2005, 23:57
Well the hylden threat has pretty much been taken care of in BO2.
But to my knowledge there is no new LoK coming out.
Can people please stop asking when the next LoK will come out, you'll know it when you see it.

27th Nov 2005, 23:59
really though....when will there be another person asking about another lok game?...

"No human can know...might as well ask Heaven what it sees"

28th Nov 2005, 00:25
If the original SR1 had been released FINISHED then none of this garbage would have happened.

milk the series for all it's worth in stupid sequels that create MORE plot holes (which in a plot driven series is the ultimate no no) and then leave the story incomplete in the final game when Eidos KNEW there wouldn't be another game to be made. Everyone thought it was the last in the series BEFORE it was released but they still left it without a proper ending.

Even if the pillars were restored and the game had an ACTUAL ending, and by some miracle the game was well recieved and got another game in the series I'm certain someone would have thought of SOMETHING better than dragging out this dead horse so far it's legs are tearing from its sockets...

28th Nov 2005, 01:19
nah...lok could have continued after that i'm sure it could be milked some more...nosgoth is a huge place if EG is able to ressurect raziel once why not twice?

28th Nov 2005, 01:27
cause he's in Kain, besides, There are plenty of more willing servants.

28th Nov 2005, 02:20
Without more LOK games, we become normal gamers. In other words, if Eidos wants our money, they will try to hook us with something generalised. Some of us will buy whatever new series, some of us won't. They'd get most of us if they'd only do something that is somewhat familiar.

Umah Bloodomen
28th Nov 2005, 03:14
really though....when will there be another person asking about another lok game?...

Tomorrow. :p

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