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28th Nov 2005, 02:03
http://img60.imageshack.us/img60/7082/weezyf5to.jpg (I know its his C1 cover but yall know why i didnt post his c2 1)
Track Listings
1. Tha Mobb
2. Fly In
3. Money on My Mind
4. Fireman
5. Mo Fire
6. On tha Block #1 (Skit)
7. Best Rapper Alive
8. Lock and Load - Kurupt, Lil Wayne
9. Oh No
10. Grown Man - Currency, Lil Wayne
11. On tha Block #2`
12. Hit Em Up
13. Carter II
14. Hustler Musik
15. Receipt
16. Shooter
17. Weezy Baby - Lil Wayne,
18. On tha Block #3
19. I'm a Dboy

Just got the bootleg and this maybe album of the year. Ish is hard (Hello mr.toilet im the ish)

28th Nov 2005, 16:44
no no no definitely not album of the year. My favorite track is Best Rapper Alive but unfortunately he isn't. His flow gets old to me.

28th Nov 2005, 20:48
Yeah I was over hyping sh. I been listening to it alll day and getting a "little" bored of it but its 1 of my top 5 for this year. I be blastin it hard in my brother's car.

16th Jan 2006, 04:07
I got this album a while ago and still havnt heard it through,sum goods songs on it i think is weezy baby,money on my mind,and of course Firemann