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John D.
24th Nov 2005, 16:02
I want to put some conversations in my next FM and since I cant make much sense of the tutorials, I decided to just copy one of the T2 conversations into my mission and change the sounds to custom ones later. Here's the trouble, I've got the two actors and conversation maker all linked together with matching settings to it's T2 counterpart. The string of motions plays perfectly, however I dont hear any speech at all?! :confused:

24th Nov 2005, 21:56
Are you sure, your voiceactors have the right speech/voice?

John D.
24th Nov 2005, 23:25
No actually I'm using two hammers, the conversation I copied is the one where two women are talking after Garrett flees from the cops in T2, I had planned to track the voice files down in Thief Media Edit and create new ones to replace them, similar to what I did for the Ghost conversations in Deep Trouble 2.

26th Nov 2005, 05:36
Look in the speech.spc and conv.sch files in your schemas folder. All the conversations are defined in there - the name of the sound concept, which wav file goes with which line no, and also which voice is required for each line. That's your problem - the hammers don't have the same voices as the ladies in the original conversation. You can modify speech.spc (save the original somewhere) to be the hammer's voices, do a reload_schemas, and you should be in business. Although I think it's far easier to just add your own, using the original stuff as a model.

John D.
26th Nov 2005, 12:22
Sounds good, I'll give it a shot this weekend. :thumbsup: Sometimes you just cant figure something out in Dromed until you just copy what an OM or FM did and try to pick it apart to see how it works.

John D.
26th Nov 2005, 15:37
Now I'm making progress, I found some Hammer/Servant lines to use and put in those values, then I trimmed an unecessary motion. All I need now is to have both guys walk away on patrol when done, what are the values I need to enter? :confused:

26th Nov 2005, 19:43
The final action should be:
Add/Remove MetaProperty
arg1: Add
arg2: M-DoesPatrol
arg3: name1, name2

name1 and name2 are the object names for both AI. This action can be performed by either Actor. Put it in another Step, then it will wait until all the Actions of the previous Step have been completed.

General Info: Conversations have a number of Steps, and in each step is a number of Actions. If two Actions are in the same Step, the first action will start, then the second will start, but it won't wait for the first to be completed.
Actions in another Step will only start when all the actions in a previous Step have been completed.

For both AIs:
Create the patrol Route that the AI is to follow, and create another TrolPt inside the AI. Link the TrolPt to any TrolPt on the Route.

(Remember from the official tutorial: When an AI realises it should be patrolling, it goes to the nearest TrolPt and follows the links)

John D.
27th Nov 2005, 09:09
Got it, now they walk! :)