21st Nov 2005, 17:09
i forgot how 2 spell randy couture's name but whatever... i know that some ppl on this site like UFC soooo i thought is throw this out....thats right chuck"ice man" liddell against randy"the rock"couture OHHHHHH its gonna be a good one.This could be the best fight since ken shamrock and dan severn( for those of us old enough to remember that lol)

And guess what else i got tickets:)

Mandalay bay,feb 12 06.......2nd row seat 46:) the tickets were 600 bucks for 2 of em..... thats not that bad though. the shamrock and kiko tickets were 800:( lol

Im betting on couture i think but im still thinking...cause liddell has a deceptive stand up game that tricks ppl into getting knocked out thats how he wins like half his fights but randy is so expiernced he wont fall for it and almost no 1 has a better ground game better then couture.....What do u guys think????

22nd Nov 2005, 04:02
damn, no tickets of PPV for me, so i'm probably not gonna see this one till its on UFC unleashed :mad:

22nd Nov 2005, 20:50
i think the iceman is going to win.

22nd Nov 2005, 21:18
who do u guys think is going 2 win??