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21st Nov 2005, 05:29
Hi ya all, I'm new here, wassup?

I've completed all 17 levels, thanks to the walkthrough I found here:

So far I have retrieved all minikits except for Defense of Kashyyyk (9/10) and collected superkit pieces except for the following levels:

1. Episode I - Negotiations
2. Episode I - Escape from Naboo
3. Episode I - Retake Theed Palace
4. Episode III - Defense of Kashyyyk

I'm using PC version of the game and I find it so frustrating that the studs fell through the floor (instead of bouncing on it) and there's no way to retrieve them, I've played the same levels over and over again in order to achieve full Jedi power, sometimes I had 91%-94%. :(

Thus, I would humbly request from anyone here, I really appreciate if you could point out a link to download the saved game of the PC version (folder LSW_0) which contains the unlocked mystery door. Alternatively please email me the file to robmebaby@yahoo.com

Many thanks in advance. Cheers!

- JediAtGUA

24th Nov 2005, 23:02
Hello, patience my young padawan.

To beak Kasshyk first turn all the lights on, then light sabre them. The rest of the level is easy after all those studs. Espescially in invincible mode, even on 1 player. you dont even need to do all on the beach. Post back if you need help.
Now if I can just complete episode 4 I'll be ready for King Kong.

24th Feb 2006, 00:11
I too would like a link to a game save file.