View Full Version : Xmas Xbox Screens Unveiled...

19th Nov 2005, 19:21
The Xmas Edition Of Official Xbox Magazine features some new screens from Legend. You can check them all out over at:

Tomb Raider Central (http://www.tombraidercentral.net)


20th Nov 2005, 19:57
the link doesnt seem to work, and the image you posted isnt showing >_<

20th Nov 2005, 21:11
Man that picture looks like from some sort of the movie. The graphics are going to be insane. Drool. :rolleyes:

20th Nov 2005, 21:27
Cheers, Ben. :thumbsup: :cool:

20th Nov 2005, 21:32
You guys have seen the X Box 360 T.R trailer right? Man I watched it like 10 times. lol :D

26th Nov 2005, 07:50
Where to see it? Is it downloadable?

26th Nov 2005, 09:39
You can get it here. (http://www.tombraidercentral.net/index.php?page=videos) :)

27th Nov 2005, 01:20
You can also find a super high quality 1280x720 version of the trailer here (http://xboxyde.com/leech_1738_1_en.html). :D

27th Nov 2005, 16:11
Thanks for the info about the link yesrushdt! This trailer is really amazing :eek: . I guess that in terms of video quality Xbox 360 will be perfectly comparable to a well equipped PC! I'll stay with PC anyhow ... recently a lot of my cash went into it :D .

Thanks to this trailer I have learned a new thing about our girl. Seemingly she either had a really horrible accident, or a good reason to sue the surgeon who did the appendectomy on her:


Now I wonder about her tonsils ... :D

27th Nov 2005, 16:25
I hope they *iron out the creases* (no pun intened ;)) before release. In later shots her stomach looks more normal... could be wrong; it's hard to tell.

Maybe this is what happens when you hit the wrong button in the 'interactive cut-scene' bits and hit a ledge? :rolleyes:


I tell a lie... later in the XBox trailer, when Lara gets up after the second pair of spikes, her stomach is briefly visible, with the odd lines... And another thing. In the first trailer for Legend (on the website it's 'Trailer 1') her hair is at a very odd angle in some shots.

Maybe we should stop clamouring for an early release and let Lara recover from her operation :D