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19th Nov 2005, 01:52
Eidos Announces Hitman Online Ranking System:
Global search to find the world’s best Hitman

Eidos Interactive, one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, has today announced the Hitman Online Ranking System for the new HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY title.

By placing the ranking system online players now have the opportunity to truly compare and compete against both friends and adversaries on a regional and worldwide stage. Players online will be ranked in a number of different and continually evolving levels. So whether you enjoy taking a more tactical, silent approach like a professional assassin or whether you buy in to the less subtle but equally effective shooter style, your proficiency at eliminating the target can always be assessed in some way.

There will be very many different categories; so far, players who are the Highest Paid, Most Wanted, Fastest, Most Accurate, Create the Most Accidents and of course are simply the Best Hitman will be honored.

League tables will be displayed in game and all players will be rewarded for competing online with a search to find the world’s best Hitman. The competition will run for console players only and will commence once the game has launched with a grand prize, to be revealed nearer launch.

HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY is the fourth installment in the popular franchise and takes killing for money to a whole new level. Using new gaming technology and functionality it delivers an experience that is the closest gamers will ever have come to the real world of the assassin.

23rd Nov 2005, 17:51
Schweet! :thumbsup:

24th Nov 2005, 12:29
Unsweet, if you ask me. Why isn't the undoubtedly best gaming platform, the PC, covered by this feature?

Too easy to cheat the server by modding the game or sending false reports?
I would assume that this can be done almost just as easily with the Xbox.

Edit: I might have misread it. Is it so that the online ranking system is indeed included in the PC version, but that there are no competition for a prize? If so, I’m satisfied.

16th Feb 2006, 13:49
cant wait to get ma hands on that!!!!! :D

Hitman Legacy
16th May 2006, 12:53
Ace & Ice cool...

27th May 2006, 18:02
People can use cheats and get much scores !! :confused:

27th May 2006, 23:54
I think they will have some sort of anti-cheat? Huh? Like a d3d9-searcher thingy... :D But in my game, i have a Upload stats button... :nut: :scratch:

28th May 2006, 00:19
People can use cheats and get much scores !! :confused:
Yeah, I noticed that too, which really sucks :( There are people that finished levels with SA rating in just a few seconds. Yeah right :mad2:

28th May 2006, 16:56
Does the xbox 360 version do this? I can't find anything about it.

29th May 2006, 23:46
Does the xbox 360 version do this? I can't find anything about it.

There is, you can read the info. at any website selling the game, where it talks aobut the features and stuff;)

1st Jun 2006, 23:11
with 5-10 fps , i can only make psychopath , hardly ! haha:lol:

2nd Jun 2006, 14:08
look , on vineyard mission

and this , on "the murder of crows" mission

Out of Sanity
4th Jun 2006, 22:29
I hope that feature will be enable soon this would really make sense to play the levels again and again

7th Jun 2006, 10:54
@ Silent_Assassin:
not bad. Getting there.

7th Jun 2006, 11:59
yah ... i`ll wait till i get fx 6200 so i can play ...i can`t even shoot with the sniper rifle ...

10th Jun 2006, 05:44
I have become irritated by the fact that I can follow the first tour into the wine cellar, hide in closet, watch tour group leave, wait for kingpin jr to return after escorting actor's agent to cocaine lab and just as jr walks next to closet, pop out and fiber wire wack him and hide his body in container and exit with next tour as they leave. Not once raise any suspicion.

Then I move through the guard house, change clothes, traverse yard to left front, climb drain, enter into window, fiber wire wack kingpin sr, dispose of body over railing or simply leaving body in room on chair (either way didn't matter). Exit room through window, jump off roof at back side. Not once raise so much as a suspicion from any guard. Used ledge to make my egress to plane. Only the one guard at the dock raises the tension half way. Make my escape.

Playing on professional level, from get go, as I always have with the entire hitman series and any game I have played (always on the hardest difficulty).

Complete mission with 0's for every category, not caught on film/picture, 2 kills, 2 close combat kills, 0 noise, 0 violence and 0 notoriety. And the best the game awards me is a professional ranking with several attempts!!!!! What gives? Do I have to play the mission without changing out of my clothes? What do I have to do? I cannot see a way to take this mission on without changing clothes, although that would be most cool indeed.

Very irritating, considering I am probably only one of a few players who even silent assassined Hitman: Silent Assassin mission 7 (Hidden Valley) without ever changing into a guard's outfit. I spent 2 days to make that one happen so that I could feel better about starting mission 8 (At the Gates) in the same outfit hitman starts mission 7 with. After all, take a mission 7 guard's clothes to aid in SA rating only to start mission 8 with your original clothes, notwithstanding the fact you leave them right where you changed into the guard's clothes.

10th Jun 2006, 08:25

I Silent Assassined the mission finally. Now I can move on to the next mission. All rules for SAing this mission with rookie, normal and expert difficulties do not apply. I assume this to be the case since I haven't played the mission on any setting other than professional. After some frustration with why I couldn't achieve SA ranking, I looked at some walkthroughs of the mission. All were based upon no more than expert level and were essentially my methods of execution as well, requiring a change of clothes.

Well, on the professional level, using disguise disqualifies SA ranking. And, there is indeed a way to complete the entire mission without messing with the threads. I haven't had the problem with kingpin jr, who I could consistently strangle and hide in the cellar.

It was kingpin sr who I thought I couldn't touch without wimping into a disguise. But, he can be ghosted by the man in black (MIB). Nothing like termination in a finely tailored, expensive black suit. I might be willing to share the technique if you ask. Timing is most critical on this approach.