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19th Nov 2005, 01:51
Ready to raise the intensity of your weekend? Eidos announces the new Hitman Online Ranking System (please see below for official press release) and a new update to the official Hitman: Blood Money Website. Agent 47 is making his rounds and the trail has left behind a brand new Trailer, an awesome Fansite Kit, an updated video in the Guide to Being a Hitman series, a character introduction, the latest location, and some music to set the mood. The job of a Hitman is not for the faint hearted. And once you enter this site, blood is on your hands... Below is the official list of new updates on the Hitman: Blood Money website located at www.hitmanbloodmoney.com!

HOME PAGE- Check out the brand new Hitman: Blood Money trailer!

GALLERY- Includes Hitman Logos, 16 screenshots, and 5 new Character Art pieces!

GUIDE TO BEING A HITMAN- Watch the 4th video of the series; how to "Learn to Protect Your Identity".

NOTORIETY- Read the latest news in the most recent issue of the Louisiana Mail.

CHARACTERS- The Widow appears; marriage to her is deadly...

LOCATIONS- Check out the latest screenshots of Agent 47's visit to the deep south; Mississippi that is...

SOUNDTRACK- 3 new downloadable tracks!

Visit the website and prepare to make a killing: www.hitmanbloodmoney.com (http://www.hitmanbloodmoney.com )

Hitman Legacy
16th May 2006, 12:57
WOW! Ice cool...

Thank you...

Snowy Joe
28th May 2006, 12:57
As much as I would love to see those new updates I better not. I don't want to get my hopes up too high while I can't play it on my comp

28th May 2006, 13:34
As great as that Is...can we get some info on whether or not any headway is being made with the 5 Series problem? I mean, movies music and screen shots arnt going to do much to staunch the bloodlust of people after a week or two...