View Full Version : How can someone insert a new nation?

13th Nov 2005, 19:33
I have just started playing IG and I 've been wondering if there it is possible to add a new nation in the game.
I 'm thinking about adding Greece (historically inaccurate, I know) with it's own flag etc and owning just one province. I do not care for historical accuracy or if I have to eliminate one minor nation, although it would be interesting to include the greek light troops of the time also. I could settle with prussian troops renamed as greek just to see what greece could do if it existed back then.
If something like this is possible I would appreciate some feedback

26th Nov 2005, 06:22
Well there is a mod lets you play as a few nations. As for Greece, well what you could do I guess......create a Greek flag and replace the flag of another nation under Gamemodes/UI....something. So all units and ships have the flag on the map.

Then create a file with a list of Greek ship names which would go under the Texto/English folders somewhere. Then if you want create a regimental flag, the one that soldiers spawn with in battle, but since Greece was not a player during this time, I guess you could use the national flag.

Then if you want, create another file of all the names of potential leaders, Greek names of course. I think it goes in the same directory the ship names go.

28th Nov 2005, 17:51
Thank you,
I think I can do all these, or at least I can try... At least all the required data and the flag patterns are very easy to find . Although I 'd be happy to provide someone else with all the required info and avoid graphic editing :p :p :p However, I still do not know how to edit the provinces so that Greece has only one province.