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10th Nov 2005, 10:56
Hi all

I'm completely new to "Imperial Glory" and must admit that it was something of an impulse buy and not the kind of title I would generally go for. Truth to tell I had bought something else which was part of a "two fer" offer and was stuck for something for the second choice, when I suddenly remembered a friend recomending the "IG" demo to me and I thought "why not."

I have sparse knowledge about this period in history and what little I do know comes from watching the TV series "Sharpe" (with Sean Bean) and "Hornblower" (with.... erm... I can't spell his name) both of which I enjoyed very much, but neither of which left me with a lasting knowledge of the history, beyond the fact that many of the people involved wore rather large hats!

(In fact this weekend I am buying the complete series of "Sharpe" on DVD, so maybe more will sink in this time around.)

Anyway, having played the "IG" tutorials I decided to launch myself into the thick of things by starting a new campaign and decided on playing as the Brits (Natch) which of course means that I get the opportunity to run
around grabbing other peoples countries and claiming them for the glory of the motherland, generally being mean to people and unwittingly starting up a stereotype which would last right up until the present day and help to secure
a constant flow of work for actors like Alan Rickman as moustashe twirling Enlish villains in Hollywood blockbusters.

But before launching into the game proper I decided to sally forth accross the channel with the troops who were initially avaliable and see if I couldn't find some of those bothersome French and challenge them to a rumble on
their homeboy turf. "Oy Frenchie!" I yell yobishly and proceed to "moon" the enemy troops. "Regarde mon grand Derriere! Donnez-moi Paris!!!"

This understandably caused something of a stir and before you can say Viva La France I found myself about to embark on a skirmish in the middle of Paris itself.

A quick survey of the troops I'd brought with me revealed that my guys in big hats were two units of Line Infantry, numbering some 120 souls and led by none other than the dashing "Captain Wellington"... surely a good sign.

The enemy meanwhile whom I eventually found skulking in the shadows of one of two buildings which the battle conditions demanded should be occupied, numbered 120 Militia and 60 Fusiliers.

So I was outnumbered but I remained unconcerned. The bulk of the enemy force was afterall made up of a rag tag band of miscreants dredged up from the best of the local farmhands and townspeople, little more than a rabble and no match for my profesional soldiers right? Granted the Fusiliers were something of an unknown quantity.... but we'd cross that bridge when we came to it.

As my troops marched into position accross the courtyard from occupied building, the enemy seemed to pay little attention to us. They stood in three seperate formations and while my heroic men bussled about forming ranks and shouting "Shun" at each other, the French leaned against a wall and played Jaques while eating snails!

"Well their complacency will be their undoing!" I thought as I set one of my infantry to "Line" formation and sent them forward to bring mort on a grand scale with Mr Gunpowder and lead ball!

As the formation got closer and closer to what we will laughingly call "the enemy lines" I began to worry that I must have issued the order incorrectly. In the phrase "Ranged Combat" the "Ranged" bit does after all give you something of a clue as to the general idea being that you stand quite a long way form the bad guys while you introduce them to your weapons of mass (ish) destruction. But my men seemed intent on moving close enough to shake hands before opening fire!

Just as I was about to panic and bring them back, they finally came to a stop close enough to the enemy to smell the garlic and much shuffling and shouting ensued as they set about doing the "front rank back rank" thing (so
cool) and opened fire.

Unfortunately this motivated the band of Militia they had targeted to mount a full blown charge, whilst the second group began an ominous march toward the fray.

My fine infantry barely had time to get off a second volley before the Militia were on them like hair on a Gorilla and to my horror the rabble proceded to ... erm... rip them a new one! By the time the second Militia group arrived it was all over bar the shouting and back accross the courtyard my second group of Infantry, who were only supposed to be reserves, stood looking on in shock and making hurried requests for new trousers.

I needn't have worried about the Militia though as the fact was I'd have been far better off keeping track of what the Fusiliers were up to. Which in fact was taking up a position in range of my remaining big hat guys and opening

Well my men did their best, but the Fusiliers just seemed better shots and my whole remaining force was quickly wiped out.


So.. Obviously respect is due to the complexity and AI of this beast as I retire from my first disasterous skirmish secure in the knowledge that it was only ever an experiment which I was never intending to "save" before I set about playing the game properly.

But I have to wonder about that first ill fated Infantry attack and those Militia. Sure they had to get close because those muskets didn't have much of a range right? But surely a battle skilled Infantry unit would have fixed bayonets straight after that first volley, knowing that they barely had time for a second round before the enemy were upon them. In any case would these "soldiers" not have made mincemeat out of a massed group of hastily
trained yokels and locals?

Is there perhaps a seperate order for bayonet fixing, which my faliure to issue left my brave boys fighting with fists and rifle butts?

In the mean time it'll be back to the manual for me and a bit more studying before my second crack of the whip.

All the best


(PS: Any views expressed above and perceived to have been derogatory toward the French, do not nessessarily reflect those of the author. They are of course a fine body of men one and all...... and we're connected by a
tunnel now you know.)

10th Nov 2005, 16:27
wow, great battle report,well, your right on the militia, they are way to strong in the beginning

10th Nov 2005, 18:48
Neh if you cant master the militia then dont play (But they are UBER strong) i remember(vaguely) getting SMASHED in spain and in the sea by the dutch-belgian Batavian fleet even though i had two ships and they had one ;) I like your style of play mate e.g get into the first fight you can and SMASH THE B*STARDS :p :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

12th Nov 2005, 15:47
I like your style of play mate e.g get into the first fight you can and SMASH THE B*STARDS :p :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Well..... get into the first fight I can certainly. But there wasn't much smashing going on was there, at least not from the Brits. :(

(Ohh.. got my "Sharpe" dvd's by the way :D :D )


14th Nov 2005, 03:57
The Militia are overpowered, it's one of Imperial Glory's more annoying faults. Generally in the first era of the game a Militia is worth one Line Infantry, until you research Squares and they form squares that Militia rarely break.

Personally I used the Battle Mod, which slows down units movements and changes numbers up to 100 Infantry, 60 Cavalry and 5 cannon, then changed Cavalry down to 40 and Infantry to 60, which keeps the good effects like speed changes, but doesn't cause unweildy messes of units. Then to Militia I removed their 'armour', 'stamina' and 'bonus charge damage', while leaving the numbers at 100.

When you do this Militia can potentially swamp Line Infantry with men, but because the Militia lose their 'Armour' against range they drop like flies when hit, without 'stamina' they lose energy fast and are stuffed after a charge and haven't the energy to overwhelm the Line Infantry, and without Bonus Charge Damage they don't kill a dozen men in the first second of contact. It changes the Militia from an annoying unit that's overpowered in era 1 and useless by era 2, into a unit that needs to be handled properly to be effective. A mindless head on charge will result in them being slaughtered down to about 35-40 men that kill about 20-5 Line Infantrymen.

Personally I've downloaded and installed the 1.1 patch, the .dt editor, smoke mod, battle mod, British Flags mod and I'm looking at many others. IG is different from any other game I've played in that whereas most games you can change between mods while they're installed or if you can't you keep at least one unmodded version, everyone plays IG for the SP and hence mods their game uniquely. That's what I've seen at least.


Take a looksee.

14th Nov 2005, 08:57
Yeah, Millita is horribly overpowered early on, all that melee kinda ruins the mood for me. The Battle Mod is definatly recommendable as it moves the focus to ranged combat instead of having every fight end up in a mindless melee.

16th Nov 2005, 04:38
I have two problems with Battle Mod: one is that the movements look a tiny bit weird because they've been slowed down, but it's a fair trade and I don't mind it. Second is that 100 man battalions are too unweidly, after several battles where my troops got destroyed because the right flank took five minutes to assemble I changed the units back to:

- 60 for infanty, except militia, stripped of armour and bonus damage, then left at 100, this, as I said before, changes their role in battle from a cheap line infantry destroyer to cannon fodder

- 40 for Cavalry, the choice is mostly cosmetic in that now there aren't empty spaces in a full unit when in line formation, and 40 is a nice, round, logical number. I'll never understand Pyro's choice of 36.

- 5 for cannon, as battle mod had them, so that they do more damage and it, again, is a nice rounded number.

I don't know how other people found the Battle Mod in terms of 100 infantry, but the rest of the changes were satisfying.

I've got these mods installed, a big thank you to the creators, most of whom I've met on these forums:

-DT Editor, by Icanus
-Battle Mod 1.1, by EAF274_Johan
-Danish Skin Pack, by ?
-Spanish Skin Pack, by ?
-English Naval Flag, by Officerpuppy
-Russian Naval Flag, by Officerpuppy
-Smoke Mod, by Officerpuppy
-Formation Mod, by Officerpuppy

I also tried Bloodpatch, Switching Militia to Line Infantry and Militians 1.03, Bloodpatch didn't work, Militians looks good but the creators need to find the AI scripts or whatever controls the use of particular units and get them behaving like a unit with guns. Switching Militia to Line Infantry is the same, but it claims on TAFN's site to 'behave' like Line Infantry, which is a half truth: you can form lines and squares, but the AI uses them like Militias.

16th Nov 2005, 06:44
Indeed, having a ton of troops get into a formation in the middle of a battle and waiting for one or two guys to run down to the end of the line, get in formation and then fire can be quite costly. Also when setting men up at the start of a battle can be a little annoying since it does not always let you put the men where you want them to be because of whatever reason.

I got used to it though. :cool:
Good info there on the other two mods, I d/l but never got around to trying them out.

16th Nov 2005, 07:31
Indeed, having a ton of troops get into a formation in the middle of a battle and waiting for one or two guys to run down to the end of the line, get in formation and then fire can be quite costly. Also when setting men up at the start of a battle can be a little annoying since it does not always let you put the men where you want them to be because of whatever reason.

I got used to it though. :cool:
Good info there on the other two mods, I d/l but never got around to trying them out.

Hey man, loved your mods, smoke mod is amazing, the first time I saw it working was with Battlemod, nothing like watching a good 50 men fire at once with the mod's improved muzzle flare. Was it possible to make the smoke take longer to dissipate?

19th Nov 2005, 21:38
@ fat badger

yeah smashing is at least the intention ;) the sharpe series is great and im currently reading the series (need to get the 3rd book next)

20th Nov 2005, 17:56
the sharpe series is great and im currently reading the series (need to get the 3rd book next)

Ah yes the books :) I'm just about to order the first one from Amazon and see how I get along with it. Not my normal cup of tea as mentioned above, so I thought I'd just start with "Sharpes Rifles" and see if I like it.

I guessed it might go something like........

The night before battle Sharpe sits in his tent polishing his sword when in walks Wellington.
<Sharpe snaps to attention.>

Wellington: "As you were man as you were. Just checking on the troops you know, see how you're all doing."

Sharpe: "Very well sir thankyou sir."

Wellington: "Yes, well is there anything you'd like to ask about the plan for tomorrow man?"

Sharpe: "Yes sir begging your pardon sir, but which hat will you be wearing?"

Wellington: <frowns> "Come again man?"

Sharpe: "Your hat sir, which will you be choosing? Only it strikes me sir that if we are both wearing the same hat, it might give the wrong impression to the enemy sir.

Wellington: <Stares>

Sharpe: "Well sir, we don't want the dogs thinking that we Brits can't afford a good selection of hats sir, that the cost of the ongoing war has left us having to find savings in the head wear department. So I just wanted to make sure that I wear a different one."

Wellington: "Well.. I hadn't really thought about it yet....."

Sharpe: "Well sir, you have that big one with the feathers? That's always a treat and then I could wear my little black number?"

Wellington: <nods> "Yes I could wear that one, very well it's settled, carry on man." <whispers in ear of assistant as he turns to leave> "That's what I call initiative! Promote that man and give him his own platoon of sharpshooters>"

Sharpe: <Yells> "TO MEEEEE... CHOSEN MEN!!"

Hmmmmm well of course being as it's sold by the million it might not be quite like the above...... ah well.


21st Nov 2005, 07:09
But no doubt, being Napoleonic, big hats will feature strongly in the plot.

21st Nov 2005, 12:44
ROFL! I'm thinking so.

General Skobby
23rd Jan 2006, 17:49
Indeed, having a ton of troops get into a formation in the middle of a battle and waiting for one or two guys to run down to the end of the line, get in formation and then fire can be quite costly. Also when setting men up at the start of a battle can be a little annoying since it does not always let you put the men where you want them to be because of whatever reason.

I got used to it though. :cool:
Good info there on the other two mods, I d/l but never got around to trying them out.

hey even with a four-man-thick line it looks too long and too hard to fire at with cannon.

23rd Jan 2006, 18:13
You write really damn well, FatBadger, I mean, really damn well. Really good battle report thank you :D

26th Jan 2006, 16:25
lols@FatBadger - easily the most entertaining posts on this board yet :)

One useful thing to clear up is the name of the chap who played Hornblower in the telly prog, it's Ioan Gruffudd (Ioan is pronounced to sound a bit like 'Iron' and Gruffud is like 'Griffith' to sound like .. erm .. well 'Griffith' really).

As for the Sharpe and Hornblower series of books / TV shows, well they don't really tell you anything much about the period anyway so you didn't miss much from them, not that you need to know anything to play the game well. Your best bet is to just don a silly big hat, twirl your suitably villainous moustache and enjoy the ride, safe in the knowledge that a scrap is on its way and you can win it ;)

In terms of European history -
Think of the situation for the French in that era as similar to the Americans of the New World, revolutionary and intensely unpopular with everyone else, the big difference being that the Americans won Independence (partly because of their remoteness from europe), while the French were betrayed, outnumbered and generally fubar by pro-Royalist coalitions around their borders. Shame really when you think about it.

I have to laugh at your description of the battle for Paris (even though you didn't intend it as a serious 'save the crap out of it' campaign of course) and can imagine your Line infantry sending off a fine destructive volley of shot at the 120 rabble Militia, only to find that it killed all of 3 of the pantalooned screaming enemy shortly before garlicy contact :) I can just see them all feeling smug until the smoke cleared and they realised their firepower counted for next to nought, just as they looked at each other - then at their muskets, puzzled - then considered giving The King's Shilling right back and bogging off home for tea and toast.

Some of the dudes here have suggested using mods to help to fix some of the technical inaccuracies of the game, but go with the default settings for a while too, see if you can find a workaround for some of the odd-ish features contained therein. It's a challenge if nothing else, and worth the effort when you find ways and means of causing more harm than you absorb :)

I don't think there is any 'fix bayonette' setting by the way, just tell em to charge and they'll do it automatically. Militia will charge anyway, since they don't have ranged fire (unless modded). With Line and Light Infantry you should press and hold SHIFT while right clicking on the target and they forget firing in favour of fisticuffs.

Again, good post matey, let's have more :)


14th Feb 2006, 23:28
Militia may seem overpowered early on because infantry is UNDERpowered early on. Until you can bolster them with advances, infantry is not much superior to militia - they were just given nice uniforms, given a rusted gun and told that a straight line and a stiff upper lip were guaranteed to beat the enemy.

Later in the game, militia is essentially useless, but their early function is to prevent early game rushes such as the one that was tried here.

Note that even had the attack worked, there is no way that the British could have held Paris with this meager force. After a few moves of occupation, an uprising would have annihilated them. Until VERY late into the game, there is NO way that one can effectively hold the capital of a major country.I learned that to my dismay when my occupying force of Austria consisting of a half-dozen veteran cavalry and artillery were wiped out by an uprising where the enemy was sniping out from the walls of the imperial palace.

The mechanics of the game are such that early on, one cannot generate new units fast enough to replace losses, so early battles are an invitation to neighbors to "come on IN! After all, I am too weak to put up any king of a fight...".


General Skobby
15th Feb 2006, 07:52
It is real

at the end of II age my bro actually captured and held Brandenburg when Prussia controlled half Europe.

also when you get into the second age i jst focus on grenadiers coz they take a bit longer to build but theyre nearly as good at firing as elite riflemen and way better at bayonet charges coz in the begining of that age everyone still have militia. Dragoons are vital coz wih them you can shoot at the militia nd when they gwet toclose you rn away andthat way kill about half before getting them o first on your cnnons and then on your infantry so on average their militia dont even hurt a single infantry man.

22nd Mar 2006, 01:19
hey badger, are you from Wisconsin?

24th May 2006, 20:49
:O Ioan Gruffudd (sorry about dodgy spelling) is pronounced

(eye-O-anne Griff-oi-the) but it's Welsh,isn't it? so you have your double 'f's' and your double 'd's' are pronounced like a stronger 'th' But with my odd phonetics you have to say the 'eye' part quicker otherwise you sound like a south walian such as me mam