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10th Nov 2005, 05:28
I know that Johnnyak and Dutch-Buddha already had a semi-cohearent coversation on this subject, but i found it not helpfull, so here i am. All i need to know is how to restore units to their original size, and with ships, how to repair them, i don't know if there is some little button i'm missing or if i don't have the nessisary buildings yet. I'm Russian if that makes any difference.


10th Nov 2005, 18:43
Yes this vexed me to at first but for land units you need a field hospital (2nd era i think) and for naval vessels a military port or the one after or before and the ship must be in the same sea area as it but if stored in port itself it will slowly repair (Only hull damage though, i think)

10th Nov 2005, 21:56
thanks, i'll give that a try :thumbsup:

14th Nov 2005, 09:09
Only Autocracy's. Nice touch from the usual trend of only the "good" guys being able to heal it's troops.

19th Nov 2005, 21:28
Autocracy's ARE the good guys :eek:

God save/re-instate the Queen (or preferably William)