View Full Version : Did you have a battle were you were completly outnumbered

10th Nov 2005, 05:25

7 millita vs 2 congreve rockets 3 line infantry
ai ^ me ^

how about you?

10th Nov 2005, 06:53
I don't remember the exact numbers, but I was playing as the French and I had my army in Piedimont *best defensive map ever if you know what your doing* The English had me completely surrounded, cut off from Paris as well. I repulsed at least six waves of attacks over a period of many, many turns, each time they sent in four armies. I was able to build cheap units which took the least amount of turns to replace the units I might of lost or got serriously weakend, eventually I got to build hosipitals also. The English knew not to mess with me there anymore :D

14th Nov 2005, 03:49
Something in the vicinity of:

Me, France: Six Line Infantry, Three Light Infantry, One hussars, one lancers, one militia, one six pound cannon. (Three Armies)

AI, England: Twelve Grenadier, two howitzers, one militia, one lancers (Four Armies)

It was in provence, the British finished the Simon Bolivar quest and then declared war on me. They sent in four armies to my three, loaded to the gunnels with grenadiers. I formed up on a hill with the Line Infantry in a shallow arch, then Light Infantry behind them and the cannon in the middle, Cav and Militia off to the left to block a flanking attempt and hopefully hit his artillery train. The British quick became strung out, leaving their Lancers and Milita far ahead of the main body. I detached two light infantry and one line, then destroyed the units at a distance. They fell back and reformed the line just as the van of the British grenadiers came within firing range. I had to wheel my line around and reposition the cavalry to stop a flanking move. My units stuck it out against the Grenadiers, the Militia was used here to cause some havoc, while the 6-pounders tore holes in the British Van only to have them filled time and again by the second line of the van. As the British van fell apart I noticed their Artillery (Still very far from the action) was open to attack. I sent my lancers at the British Grenadiers to pin them in a square for a moment, and the Hussars went for the cannon. Then I had to save my Light Infantry from a charge, which caused the Lancers to actually engage the square and hastily run away from the fray, while the hussars became engaged with a unit of Grenadiers. I sent my Lancers back to the fray, but more Grenadiers had moved up from behind the artillery train and from ahead of it. The British van was now destroyed but a second wave had reached my lines, but half of this group had decided to engage the cavalry instead of my lines. The Lancers changed targets several times, pinning units into squares and then finally charging down a unit of Howitzers and Grenadiers. The net result of this mess was 2 howitzers and one Grenadier unit destroyed, as well as heavy casualties, for the loss of two Cavalry Squadrons. The second group to engage my lines fell apart as the last units gathered to engage my lines. In this last encounter my cannon continually pounded enemy howitzers before they could set up and units of Grenadiers, until finally they were volleyed upon and destroyed. The infantry blasted away at each other and it ended with a severly damaged Grenadier unit charging my stoic Line Infantry while the last two Grenadier Battalions were suffering hideously from my Light Infantry, who were suffering as well. the AI then realised how terribly his troops were mauled and retreated, much to my frustration, but also relief that he hadn't destroyed a single colonel.

The total casualties were something in the vicinity of 900-600, I was surprised at the AI's poor control of his troops and at the performance of my own.

14th Nov 2005, 09:03
Plenty of times, not always with myself as the victor though. :D

col.jackson c.s.a.
11th Jan 2006, 04:49
i forget the exact amount of units i had but i just found the nearest high ground and them slaughterd the units as they tried to swarm the ridge. slaughtered them all! with just infantry, and when there cav and inf. units where gone all you have to do is charge the arty! and slaughter them! i did this with just a pent. 3 with 1 gig of ram! i conquer the entire map all the time! and i do it with just a pent.3 and 1 gig of ram! oorah!!!!!!!!!!!! and i just figured out the rosetta stone quest, and most of the other cheats of the game! i had to ! i had no choice, they refuse to make a patch for pent.3 with 1 gig. and i must win, because i am smarter then a computer! i'm human! :)

12th Jan 2006, 03:47
I had my army in Piedimont *best defensive map ever if you know what your doing*
I'm with you 100% on that point dude, Piedmont is a beautiful map to defend even against almighty odds. That's happened more times than I've bothered to count such that I fear attacking that hill in the first place in case the AI ever figures out how to defend it as well as a human player can ;)

If I recall right the best odds I beat were something like 3 to 1 in unit numbers, with the AI having a high proportion of Infantry and howitzers up against a few howitzers of mine, with maybe 3 infantry units and 2 cavalry. That was probably on 'easy' battle mode, but I was still surprised to survive it.