View Full Version : can somone teach me IG moding 101

8th Nov 2005, 09:20
i want to lean how to cause i want to try somthing like you use 2 units of line infantry and you can make them do a speical formation looking like this

===================== < line infantry
===================== < line infantry

it will work like this the units in the front will fire a volley then move behind the second line and the second line will fire a volley while the units at the back reload and what i mean is they swap places

and i would also want tor try this you can garison two units at a fence and the first unit will fire and the second unit will swap guns with the first unit so they can fire again while the second unit reloads

lol i think this may not be possible but can somone teach me how to mod :)

8th Nov 2005, 17:16
The exact sort of thing you talk about cant be done as far as I know but there is a LOT you can mod to improve the game including Unit size/range//accuracy/gap between soldiers /speed/etc etc.....The main starting point is the Unit Editor made by Icanus.Godkin has done more work in the line of the tendency to get into melee or stand and shoot....its all on the forums which you will need to read carefully....A guy called Johann did a ready to go -all in one mod which you might like....

9th Nov 2005, 02:47
ahh thnx lets hope a new patch comes that alows more moding K thnx :)

10th Nov 2005, 05:18
Wish the dev team for IG i reading this forum so they can make a good patch